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  1. B) Spend a few minutes individually thinking of further arguments you will use to back up your own opinion on the usefulness and types of punishment.
  2. I. Language
  3. Is the official language in Australia and New Zealand.
  4. Language and Perception
  5. Language focus
  9. Programming languages
  10. Programming languages

The following table shows examples of language for main parts of the presentation. You may need to modify the language as appropriate.


WELCOMING YOUR AUDIENCE   Good morning, ladies and gentlemen Good afternoon, everybody
INTRODUCING THE SUBJECT Id like to start by Lets begin by First of all, Ill Id like to talk today about My purpose today is to introduce... Im going to talk about Im going to inform you about
STATING THE PURPOSE/OBJECTIVE We are here today to decide/ agree/ learn about The purpose of this talk is to update you on/put you in the picture about This talk is designed to act as a springboard for discussion
DEFINING THE LENGTH I shall only take minutes of your time. I plan to be brief. This should only last minutes.
OUTLINING THE MAIN PARTS I have divided my presentation into parts/sections. They are We can break this area down into the following fields:
SEQUENCING/ORDERING Firstly/first of all Secondly/next/then Thirdly/and then we come to Finally/lastly/last of all Lets start with Lets move/go on to Now we come to Lets get back to
GIVING REASONS/CAUSES Therefore/ so/ as a result/ that is why  
CONTRASTING   But/however
COMPARING   Similarly/ in the same way
CONTRADICTING   In fact/ actually
CONCLUDING   In conclusion/ to conclude
HIGHLIGHTING   In particular/ especially
GENERALIZING   Usually/ generally/ as a rule
FINISHING ONE SUBJECT Well, Ive told you about Thats all I have to say about Weve looked at So much for
AND STARTING ANOTHER Now well move on to Let me turn now to Next Turning to Id like now to discuss


ANALYSING A POINT AND GIVING RECOMMENDATIONS Where does that lead us? Lets consider this in more detail. Translated into real terms My recommendations are I would suggest/propose/recommend the following strategy.
GIVING AN EXAMPLE For example, A good example of this is As an illustration, To give you an example, To illustrate this point
DEALING WITH QUESTIONS Please feel free to interrupt me if you have any questions. Id like to deal with this question later, if I may Ill come back to this question later in my talk. Perhaps youd like to raise this point at the end. Well be examining this point in more detail later on. I wont comment on this now. Ill keep some time for the questions after the presentation. Id be glad to answer any questions at the end of my talk.  
SUMMARISING AND CONCLUDING In conclusion To sum up Ill briefly summarize the main issues. Lets summarize briefly what weve looked at. Finally, let me remind you of some of the issues weve covered  
THANKING YOUR AUDIENCE Thank you for your attention. May I thank you all for being such an attentive audience? Thank you for listening.
INVITING QUESTIONS Are there any questions? Can I answer any questions? Now Ill try to answer any questions you may have. Are there any final questions?
ASKING POLITE QUESTIONS Do you mind if I ask you Would you mind telling me Could/Can you tell me I am interested to know Id like to know
CLARIFYING A QUESTION If I understand you correctly, you are saying/asking I did not quite catch that. Could you go over again? I am not sure what you are getting at.
AGREEING I completely agree. I agree with your point of view. I think you are right.
DISAGREEING To be quite frank, I dont think you are quite right. Im sorry, but I cant agree with you on that. Im afraid, I dont agree at all. I agree in principle, but I respect your opinion, of course. However, I feel I must disagree.
AVOIDING GIVING AN ANSWER I am afraid that is not my field. That is interesting, but Id prefer not answer that today. Perhaps we could deal with that later. Can we talk about that on another occasion?


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