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Stage and film versions

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· Which books by N. were adapted for stage/

· Have any of his novels been made into films or

staged/performed as plays?

· What stork was the film based on?

· Does the film stay close to the book?(Is the film true to

the book?)

· How does it differ from the book?

· What did you like better, the film or the book?

· Did N write film scripts and television plays?

· What English and American playwrights besides N do

you know?

· What plays by English playwrights have been staged in

this country?




Introductory questions

· Have you read any good books lately?

· What are you reading at the moment?

(What do you read nowadays?)

· What is it about?

· What is the book like?

· Is it well written?

· Is it worth reading?

· Where have you got to in the book?

(How much of it have you read?)

· What page have you got to in the book?

· Have you got to the end of the book yet?

(Have you read it all?)

· So you are only half-way through?

(Oh, you’ve only got to the middle.)

· Are you eager to read to the end?



What is the story about?

· What is the story about? Family life? A famous person?

An adventure?

· What is the situation?

· What story does “……..” tell?

· What is it a description of?

· Retell briefly what happens in the story.


Setting and background

· What have you discovered about the setting?

· What is the setting? (What is the background to the


· Against what background is Mr. N presented?

· Where has the author set his story? (Where is the story


· Where does the action take place? (Where do

the events take place?)Where is

· the story taking place?

· Can you describe the place where the story takes


· In what place does this all happen?

· Did the story happen in Britain or somewhere else?

· Does it seem to be any country in particular?

· Does the author reproduce particular places in his

setting for the novel?

· The main action takes places in and around London.

· The scene ranges from London to Oxford.

· Does the story begin in the past or in the present?

· Is the story set in the future?

· When does the story take place, by day or by night?

· What time of the year is it?

· Does the novel present the characters in actual historical


· What historical time is suggested here?

· What historical events and processes are taking

places during the characters’ lifetime?

· How do these events affect the narrative?

· Is the setting described by the author before he begins

the story?

· Is the setting disclosed gradually while the story is in


· Is the setting of the novel unchanged throughout?

· Speak of the importance of the backgrounds and settings

in the novel.



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