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B. Practice the following conversation with a partner using the substitutions in the box.

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A: Do you know where I can get a cup of coffee?

B: Sure. You could try the Capital cafe.

A: Where’s that?

B: It’s on Pushkin Street near to Clocks on Bauman Street.

A: Thanks.

B: No problem.


get some clothes get some cat food buy some milk buy some jewelers grab a hamburger get some aspirin see a movie buy a book mail a letter buy some CDs have a snack



Preposition Use Examples
above higher than smth The picture hangs above my bed.
across from one side to the other side You mustn't go across this road here. There isn't a bridge across the river.
along in a line; from one point to another They're walking along the beach.
among in a group I like being among people.
behind at the back of Our house is behind the supermarket.
below lower than smth Death Valley is 86 metres below sea level.
beside next to near Our house is beside the supermarket.
between smth/smb is on each side Our house is between the supermarket and the school.
by near He lives in the house by the river.
in front of the part that is in the direction it faces Our house is in front of the supermarket.
inside opposite of outside You shouldn't stay inside the castle.
opposite on the other side Our house is opposite the supermarket.
out of leaving smth The cat jumped out of the window.
outside opposite of inside Can you wait outside?
over above smth/smb The cat jumped over the wall.
round in a circle We're sitting round the campfire.
through going from one point to the other point You shouldn't walk through the forest.
to towards smth/smb I like going to Australia. Can you come to me?
under below smth The cat is under the table.
up from low to high He went up the hill.


C. Fill in the gaps with appropriate prepositions.

1) I found the key … the cushion. 2) Her office is … those stairs. 3) A lamp hung … the table. 4) The earth goes … the sun. 5) We parked our car … the sports hall. 6) It’s easy to find – there’s a church just … my house. 7) There was a low brick wall … our garden and the field beyond. 8) We’re driving … Follyfoot Road. 9) Would you like me to help you … the road? 10) The cat ran out from … the tree. 11) James walked … without looking in my direction. 12) She stood … and walked … the window. 13) The ball went flying … the window.



NB We say 'in the corner of a room', but 'at the corner (or 'on the corner') of a street'.

We say 'in the front/in the back' of a car.

We say 'at the front/at the back' of buildings/groups of people.

We say 'on the front/on the back' of a piece of paper.

D. Choose either in, at, or on.

1) The label is … the bottle. 2) Jack is waiting …the bottom of the stairs. 3) Our seats are … the third row. 4) Turn left … the lights. 5) He's sitting …the chair next to the piano. 6) I met Jack …the street. 7) He has a lot of beautiful pictures … the wall. 8) I live … the fifth floor of my apartment building. 9) We waited for over an hour …the bus-stop. 10) Who is that woman … the photograph? 11) You will find an explanation … page 18. 12) Paris is … the river Seine. 13) The instructions are … the back of the box. 14) What do you have … your hands? 15) Can you see who is … the door?

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