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SPEAKING. A. Kazan is the city where a lot can be seen and much can be done

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A. Kazan is the city where a lot can be seen and much can be done. Develop this idea and say what people can see and do in the capital of Tatarstan.

B. Imagine that a group of teenagers has come to Kazan. What will you tell them about Kazan or a place where you live.

C. You are talking to a friend. Make up questions about the places he/she has seen.

1) Where/Kremlin street/ situated?

2) When/the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral/built?

3) When/the Suyumbike Tower/ appear?

4) Where/the Governor’s Palace/located?

5) When/the Palace of the President of Tatarstan/erected?

6) When/the Tainitskaya Tower/ ruined?

D. Imagine you are a teacher. Let your classmates answer your questions.

T:Why did you go to the Kazan Kremlin?

S1: I went there to see the Suyumbike Tower.

T:When did you go there?

S1: I went there in summer.

1) Why/Kazan? When/there?

2) Why/Bauman Street? When/there?

3) Why/the National museum of Tatarstan? When/there?

4) Why/Square named after G.Tukai? When/there?

5) Why/Musa Jalil Street? When/there?

6) Why/University Street? When/there?

E. Create the Fact File of Kazan describing its location, religions, emblem, population and places of interest.


A. Here are some extracts from a sightseeing programme for a group of tourists who visit Kazan for 4 days. When they arrived at the Kazan railway station they were met by the representatives of the Tourist Agency which organized their trip, who acted as their guides.

1) Discuss what you think the tourists could do on Wednesday and Thursday. Work out a programme for these days. Some ideas: The Kremlin, Bauman street, Kremlyovskaya street, the National museum, the art gallery, shopping, etc.

2) Discuss the programme and express your opinion of it. Would you be satisfied with this programme if you were in the group? Which of the visits do you think would be the most interesting for you? Why?

Programme for a visit to Kazan   Monday 1st July 18.20 Arrival at the railway station. Transfer to the “Kazan Grand Hotel”. 19.30 Dinner at the hotel. Evening free Tuesday 2nd July 07.30-08.30 Breakfast 09.00 Departure from the hotel by coach for the sightseeing tour of Kazan including the river port, Bulak street 12.30 Lunch in a typical tatar café “Al-Anash” 13.30-18.00 Free time 18.00 Dinner at the hotel 20.00 Kazan at night. The coach tour of the illuminated places of interest. Wednesday 3rd July… Thursday 4th July …

B. If you come from other cities of Russia and Tatarstan, you may prefer to speak about your native town or city. Work out a plan of places to visit and to see in it. Present it as an excursion around the city.

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