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G. Speak about the four parts of the UK using the prompts.

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A. Write down the italicized phrases from the text. Match them to these uses of ‘the’.

We use ‘the’ with: We do not use ‘the’ with:
a) in names with republic/state/ kingdom b) most regions c) islands in plural d) mountain ranges e) oceans/seas/rivers/canals g) nationality words (people) a) continents b) regions ending with the name of a continent or country c) islands in singular d) mountains in singular e) lakes f) countries g) cities/towns/suburbs/villages

B. Put in these names in the sentences below:English Channel and Straight of Dover, Cambrian Mountains, Wales, UK, Irish Republic, Severn and Thames, Ben Nevis, Welsh people, British Isles.Decide if you need ‘the’.

1) The UK is England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

2) … separate Great Britain from France.

3) …flow through England.

4) Cardiff is the capital of ….

5) … are a complex of mountain ranges on the western side of Britain.

6) Dublin is in …

7) … is a geographical name denoting a group of islands.

8) …is the highest point of the Highlands of Scotland.

9) The people of Wales are …

C. Read these sentences. Some are correct, but some need ‘the’. Correct the sentences where necessary.

1) Last year we visited Canada and United States.

2) Africa is much larger than Europe.

3) South of England is warmer than north.

4) We went to Spain for our holidays and swam in Mediterranean.

5) Tom has visited many countries in Eastern Europe.

6) A friend of mine used to work as a reporter in Middle East.

7) Next year we are going skiing in Swiss Alps.

8) Malta has been a republic since 1974.

9) Nile is the longest river in Africa.

10) Have you ever been to Philippines?

11) Belgium is smaller than Netherlands.

12) Rocky Mountains are in North America.

13) Panama Canal joins Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

14) The last areas to resist the English were the north of Ireland, Ulster, but in the end the Irish were defeated.



(Total English, Intermediate, Student’s Book, Track 6.8)

A. Before you listen, say when you visit another city, what do you enjoy/not enjoy doing?

B. You are going to plan a day trip for your group in London. Look at the 'What's on in London?' leaflets below and find:

· an attraction for a businessman · a tour which lasts for half a day · a colorful market · the time it takes to go round the London Eye · two museums you could visit · an exclusive shop to buy souvenirs

What’s on in London

General Tour around London on a Big Red Bus. Enjoy the views from the top of this famous London bus, as you learn about the sights from one of our friendly guides. Half-day tour, £25 per person. London walks - Experience London on foot with one of our specialized walking tours. £5 per two-hour walk. Camden market - the perfect place to walk around and visit shops, eat in a local cafe, buy some arts and crafts and just sit with a coffee and watch London go by. Colorful, fun and cheap - this is real London. Buckingham PalaceQueen’s residence. Entrance ticket: £12 per person. Watch the Changing of the Guard outside Buckingham Palace at 2p.m. every afternoon.
The London Eye - the Giant Observation Wheel, became operational in January 2000.The Wheel is the largest of its kind ever to be built and visitors to London from abroad are delighted by this new way of seeing the city. Tickets £12.50, duration 30 minutes.



Museums and Galleries Madame Tussaud’s -Visit the museum to see their world famous wax models of famous stars, past and present A very popular attraction, you might have to wait over an hour to get in. £24.50. The British Museum– has outstanding collections that cover world cultures from prehistory to the present day. Free. The National Gallery –The National Gallery, London, houses one of the greatest collections of European painting in the world, with over 2,300 paintings covering the period from about 1250 to 1900. Free.


Shopping Shop at Harrods -the most famous department store in the world. Buy exclusive souvenirs for family and friends, and enjoy afternoon tea and wonderful views across London in our sky-view cafe.


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