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1. Match each virus routine to its function.      
Routine Function
1 misdirection 2 reproduction 3 trigger 4 payload a does the damage b attaches a copy of itself to another program c hides the presence of the code d decides when and how to activate the payload

2. Identify the Internet crimes sentences (1-6) refer to. Then match them with the advice (a-f).

1. Crackers try to find a way to copy the latest game or computer program. A. Be suspicious of wonderful offers. Don't buy if you aren't sure.
2. A study has revealed that half a million people will automatically open an email they believe to be from their bank and happily send off all their security details. B. People shouldn't buy cracked software or download music illegally from the Internet.
3. This software's danger is hidden behind an attractive appearance. That's why it is often wrapped in attractive packages promising photos of celebrities like Anna Kournikova or Jennifer Lopez. C. It's dangerous to give personal information to people you contact in chat rooms.
4. There is a particular danger in Internet commerce and emails. Many people believe they have been offered a special gift only to find out later they have been deceived. D. Don't open attachments from people you don't know even if the subject looks attractive.
5. 'Nimda' spreads by sending infected emails and is also able to infect websites, so when a user visits a compromised website, the browser can infect the computer. E. Scan your email and be careful about which websites you visit.
6. Every day, millions of children spend time in Internet chat rooms talking to strangers. But what many of them don't realize is that some of the surfers chatting with them may be sexual predators. F. Check with your bank before sending information.

3. Fill in the gaps in these security tips with words from the list.


digital certificate malware virus scanner spyware firewall antivirus


Malicious software, 1…. can be avoided by following some basic rules. To prevent crackers from breaking into your internal network and obtaining your data, install a 2… . It will protect you from 3… . Internet users who like cybershopping should get a 4….. , an electronic identity card. If you have been hit by a 5….. , don't panic! Download a clean-up utility and always remember to use an 6….. program, for example, a virus 7……


4. Complete this product description of an internet security program. Fill in the missing words using the mixed-up letters in brackets.

EFG EFG (1) [inta-riuvs] software is the only program you need for complete protection from online threats. EFG scans all incoming and outgoing email attachments, helping to protect your PC against (2) [rivessu] , (3) [romsw] , (4) [Torsjan] and

other types of (5) [lawmare] . A (6) [lawlrife] shields your system from attack by (7) [reschak], while the program can also detect if a website’s (8) [igidlat ercteacfiti] is out-of-date or suspicious, allowing you to carry out financial transactions online with total security.

In addition to all of the above, the EFG Professional Edition also comes with email (9) [crynetipon] and the EFG (10) [rawsyep] scanner, helping you to keep your system free of unwanted advertising and (11) [socoiek].

EFG Basic is available to download as (12) [warfeeer] by clicking here. Alternatively, you can purchase the EFG Professional Edition for only £29.95. Click here to visit our (13) [rescue witebes] or pay using PayPal by clicking here.


5. Decide which of the alternatives (A-F) each statement refers to. Write the letter of your answer at the end of the sentence. There is one alternative that you don't need to use.


A. electronic trail В. firewall С. hacker D. overload E. encryption F. cybercrime


1. The data is protected by a process which scrambles the information so that it cannot be read by an unauthorized person.

2. If you make a change to the database, that change is recorded with the time, date and operator's name attached to it.

3. Many people are still reluctant to enter their personal data on web pages, fearing it will be stolen and used illegally.

4. This device filters outbound and inbound computer traffic and protects your network from hostile intrusion.

5. Sometimes it's just a bored teenager with too much free time who can't resist trying to break into a system.

6. Fill the gap in each sentence with an appropriate form of the word in brackets.

  1. Many UK companies routinely monitor their staff's use of email and the Internet, but trade unions are opposed to this kind of ……. (survey)
  2. Managers are concerned that staff use of email for personal communication may expose their systems to ……. (virulent)
  1. Computer experts warn that ……. of the appropriate software to protect your computer is not enough - you also need to ensure it is updated regularly. (install)
  2. When you shop using our website, you can be sure that we respect the …… of any information you provide us with. (confidence)
  3. We are committed to responsible data management and to maintaining the security of your personal data; please read our ……. policy before you order online. (private)

7. Choose the best words to go into each of the spaces.

1. A person who illegally accesses somebody else's computer over the internet is called a …….

2. A website which (in theory) cannot be accessed by a hacker is ……

3. A website which can only be viewed by authorised people has ……. access.

4. Unwanted advertising emails are popularly known as …….

5. Software blocking attempts by others to access your computer over the internet is called a ……

6. It’s essential to ……. your anti-virus protection regularly.

7. Anti-virus software can …….. your computer for viruses.

8. Anti-virus software can also ……. viruses on removable media, such as floppy disks.

9. When your anti-virus software subscription …... it's a good idea to ……. it immediately.

10. Users have to enter a ……. to gain access to a network.

11. A ……. protects a company intranet from outside attacks.

12. Most ……. is designed to obtain personal information without the users’ permission.


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