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VOCABULARY PRACTICE SECTION 3. 1. Match the sentence beginnings with the correct endings. 1

1. Match the sentence beginnings with the correct endings.

1. A plug-in is a. let you interact with information on the screen.
2. Shockwave and Flash b. usually needed to enjoy audio and video files.
3. Multimedia files can be included c. are some of the common audio formats.
4. Java applets d. applications help to create animation.
5. MIDI, WAV, MP3 and AU e. in web pages.
6. WMV, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, Quick Time f. a copyright protection system for digital music files.
7. AAC, Ogg Vorbis, SHN g. is an audio format used for storing high-quality, uncompressed sound.
8. WAV h. are video file formats.
9. SDMI i. are compression formats for digital audio.

2. Complete the conversation between a web designer and his client by choosing the right word.

Web designer (WD):So can I ask what kind of (1) (a. web page b. web site c. home page) you want? Client (C):Well, I’m a singer in a band, and I need an online presence to help with promotion, that kind of thing. I don’t want anything too complicated. It’d be good if it looked nice, though. Perhaps a nice (2) (a. background b. graphics c. text) and some attractive (3) (a. background b. graphics c. RSS feeds). WD:OK, that doesn’t sound too complicated. Will you need (4) (a. streaming audio b. plug-ins c. Cascading Style Sheets) and (5) (a. HTML b. PDF-s c. full motion video), too? I mean, do you want people to be able to listen to your music direct from the

site and watch music videos, that kind of thing?

C:Yes, it’d be great if people could do that.

WD:OK, well a visitor might need to download the appropriate (6) (a. plug-ins b. HTML

c. graphics) , but that’s very easy. And what about (7) (a. Cascading Style Sheets b. wallpaper c. RSS feeds)? It’s good if people can find out about any new updates to the site automatically.

C:Sure, but how expensive is all of this going to be?

WD:You needn’t worry. It sounds like the kind of job that we’ll do using a (8) (a. Cascading Style Sheets b. web editor c. tag) like Dreamweaver. That’ll make things quicker – and cheaper – than hard-coding in (9) (a. text b. HTML c. RSS feeds). We also now use something called (10) (a. Cascading Style Sheets b. HTML c. plug-ins) , which allow us to add styles to web documents. It’s basically a way of making presentation changes across a website more easily. When do you want the site to (11) (a. go live b. go on c. go out)?

C:In a month, if possible. I’ve already written all of the (12) (a. graphics b. text c. streaming audio). Could I just email that to you?

WD:Yes, please do. I can start the work on this next week.

C:OK. Actually, that reminds me, I need to get in touch with the other members of the band and ask them to send me any images that they want to put on the site. Which file formats do you prefer?

WD:Jpeg or gif are best for images, and avi or mpeg for video files. Oh, and any audio files must be in mp3 or wav. That’s better than Real Audio files, which some media players can’t play.

C:No problem.

WD:OK, then. Once I have all of the files, I’ll (13) (a. publish b. update c. format) the text, insert the graphics and sounds, link all of the pages together, and then we can publish the website. You can try and keep it updated, too. I can help with that, for only a small fee.

C:Great, that sounds perfect.


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