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Good Web Design? What Is It?

design visitors information budget website


There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to designing a (1) …: Flash, Database, content management, Client Login, etc. A question to ask yourself when deciding how to do your website is: How can I most effectively present my (2) … to my visitors?

Of course there are several things to consider like (3) … but I feel that when talking strictly about (4) … it is important to put your (5) … as first priority as they are the reason you are building the website.

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Flash - I find is normally over done. It can do (6) … to a site if used right, but it can also make a site look (7) … if not used (8) …. To simply put it: If you have multimedia content on your website consider flash, if you don't: stay away from it altogether. Flash is more time consuming to develop, and it can take away a lot of important (9) … from your sites like Search Engine Optimization.


storing using changing putting adding storing
Database – (10) … a database backend to your site can be very useful if you are going to be (11) … a lot of data, or if you are going to be (12) … information often. If you are just simply (13) … a page with your contacts online, I wouldn't recommend using a database backend,

again for the time that it costs to develop and especially for the minor benefit that you will see. On the other hand if you are (14) … all of your products online and you need the ability to update/add/delete products often I wouldn't recommend not (15) … a database and some type of content management.

managed management manage
Content Management - is most likely used with a database backend in which you will have a control panel that you can use to "(16) … Content". Content that can be (17) … is anything and everything. Sample uses for Content (18) … are: Managing Products (add new and delete/edit existing), News/Journals (if you want the ability to constantly update your site with current news items

or journals), Page Layout (some more advanced Content Management systems allow you to manage all aspects of your site from the layout to the colors).

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