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B. 1) Read Management qualities and characteristics given in the box and categorize them into Personal, Business and Relationship qualities.

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  9. Being Courteous toForeign Business People
Self-motivation Industry knowledge Communication qualities Integrity Business hierarchy Collaboration Team player Dependability/Reliability Calmness Legal implications Basic money management Flexibility Ability to delegate Respect Organization Value others Customer service

Match Management traits and qualities given in the above box with their explanations. Mind that there are some odd ones and try to describe them.

a) When individual needs to be capable of understanding the basic goals of the business and developing his own strategies for achieving those goals. He needs to be committed to putting his all into the job every day without the close supervisions of a boss.

b) No matter what type of business you are in, you can benefit from having a manager who is excellent in dealing with customers and clients, and can diffuse the problem situation or to exacerbate it.

c) People trust a good manager because they know he or she has personal fairness. Workers need to know that you will fight for them, do what you say, and follow the rules.

d) Manager isn’t in the business solely for the selfish reasons of “getting ahead”. Instead, he is interested in growing the business because it is going to be to his benefit as well as to the benefit of the other people working with him in the company.

e) The ideal person for the job is going to be someone who already has advanced or specialized experience in this industry. A thirst for more knowledge about business is a plus.

f) Your superiors, as well as your subordinates, need to know that you can be counted on. Others in the organization should be able to rely on you.

g) A good manager should be able to write professionally and with correct grammar, speak publicly in an interview or addressing workers, organize and practice presentations and be active listener to workers, superiors and customers.


Role-play: What makes a good manager?

A. Make up the role-play “What makes a good manager?”, but firstly do before role-play exercises.

B. What Manager positions do you know? Match job descriptions (1-7) with business cards.

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