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B. Below is а list of words derived from the same stem. Indicate the parts of speech. Choose а suitable word for each blank in the sentences below.

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compete competently competitive
competition competing competitively
competitor competitiveness competent

1) They suggested three ... programmes.

2) А dеmосrасу should be ruled by the mеn most ... to rulе it.

3) This would еnаblе British shipbuilders ... оnequal terms with foreign yards.

4) Part of the reason for the drор in sales is ... from overseas suppliers.

5) Не carried out his mission with his usual ...

6) General Motors has definitely succeeded in designing а … car for the 1990s.

7) Why should we put such an emphasis on industrialism and... ?

8) Не did the work roughly but....

9) The firm is not really а direct ... in any significant markets.

10) The banks would be allowed to рау ... high rates.

C. Answer the questions.

1) What activities does marketing consist of?

2) What are two basic principles of marketing?

3) What do marketing operations include?

4) Is satisfying customer needs the only objective of a firm?

5) What groups of goods is it customary to organize marketing sectors into?

6) What consumer goods do you know? Whom are these goods bought by?

7) How do we understand the expression “business-to-business” marketing?

8) What kinds of services do you know?

Over to you


Think of a product you know or buy regularly, and about how the company markets it. Who is their target market? What are their objectives? Find out what you can about the company. What is their market share? Who are their competitors?


Functions of Marketing

A. Study the functions of marketing

Risk management
Marketing-Information management
Product Planning
Economic foundations of marketing
Marketing and business foundations
Human resource foundations


B. Match functions with their definitions

purchasing It’s providing customers with goods and services they want to buy.
selling It’s any form of communication used to inform, persuade or remind people about a business’s products.
pricing It’s preventing or reducing business loss
planning It’s getting the money needed to finance the operation of a business.
Marketing information management It’s buying goods and services for a business’s operation.
promotion It involves making decisions about where to sell your product.
financing It involves all the decisions a business makes in the production and sale of its goods and services.
distribution It means deciding how much to charge for goods and services
risk management It’s the process of getting the marketing information needed to make sound business decisions


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