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COMPREHENSION. Ex. 1. Insert the following words in the text above. advertising aimed awareness Channel loyalty maturity medium tactics

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Ex. 1. Insert the following words in the text above.

advertising aimed awareness Channel loyalty
maturity medium tactics Target trial


Ex. 2.There is a logical connection among three of the four words in each of the following groups. What is the odd one out, and why?

1. advertising – competitors – publicity – salespromotion;

2. advertising agency – advertising campaign – media plan – word-of-mouth advertising;

3. advertising manager – brand-switcher – marketing manager – sales rep;

4. after-sales service – guarantee – optional features – points of sale;

5. brand awareness – brand loyalty – brand name – brand preference;

6. competitions – coupons – free samples – line-stretching;

7. credit terms – discount – list price – packaging;

8. decline – growth – introduction – product improvement;

9. focus group interviews – internal research – media plan – questionnaire;

10. packaging – place – product – promotion.

Ex. 3.Complete the following sentences to summarize the text above.

1. When a new product is launched, the-producer has to ...

2. Promotion is one of the four…; sales promotions are one of four different….

3. The advantages of publicity include….

4. The four stages of the standard product life cycle (excluding the pre-launch development stage) are...

5. Reasons to offer temporary price reductions include….

6. Sales promotions need not only be aimed at customers ...

7. Apart from selling a company's products, sales representatives ...


Ex. 4. Discuss what kind of sales promotions you are receptive to.

• coupons giving a pricereduction?

• free samples?

• discounts for buying a large quantity?

• prices reductions in shops?

• packets offering '20% Extra'?

• competitions?


Ex. 5.Work in pairs. Consider these products. Which methods are used to promote them? Which methods would probably not be suitable?

New houses, a family hotel, a conference center, cheese, an airline, a magazine, computers, bicycles, an exhibition, cigarettes, rail travel, medicines, coal, petrol, a circus, a zoo.

Ex. 6.Imagine that you, in a team of three or four people, are responsible for promoting one of the following things.

§ a new taxi company in your town § a new, up-market health and fitness club § a new brand of jeans, manufactured by a new (and therefore unknown) company § a new, fashionable but inexpensive range of quartz watches § potatoes, to be sold in supermarkets

Decide exactly what your product is, what is special about it, and which tools you would use to promote it. Imagine that you have a generous budget, and are thus able to employ several different tactics. Prepare an advertisement of your product and present it to the rest of the class.

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