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Future Continuous Tense

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1. Подовжена дія, що буде відбуватися в певний момент у майбутньому або в певний відрізок часу.

This time tomorrow they will be sitting in the cinema. They will be watching a film.

I will be preparing for my examination in May.

2. Намір здійснити дію, або впевненість у її здійсненні (замість Future Indefinite Tense).

He will be meeting us at the station.


Зворотto be going to do smth

To be going to виражає намір здійснити дію або впевненість у її здійсненні у майбутньому.

We were going to ship these goods by the steamer. – Ми збиралися відправити цей товар пароплавом.

The sky is clearing up; the rain is going to stop in a minute. – Небо прояснюється; дощ ущухне через хвилину.

Verbs, used only in SIMPLE tenses

Ментальний та емоційний стан Чуттєве сприймання Відношення Інші
believe appear (dis)agree be
(dis)like hear promise consist
know look (=seem) surprise depend
remember see satisfy include
understand seem deny matter
want smell impress own
prefer sound astonish need
imagine taste mean lack


Exercise 3 Translate the following pairs of sentences defining the tense of the verb in each case.

1. She prepares her lessons in the evening every day. – She is still preparing her lessons. 2. He worked hard at his English last term. – He was working hard at his English when we came to see him. 3. I am tired, I will learn this rule tomorrow. – I will be learning this rule all the morning tomorrow. 4. The work is usually done in time. – The work is being done now, and soon it will be finished. 5. The safety system was installed two years ago. – The safety system was being installed all the day yesterday.


Exercise 4 Complete the following sentences putting the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or Present Continuous Tense.

1. Alec and Mary are Scottish. They (come) from Glasgow. 2. They’ll be here very soon. They (come) by car. 3. Liza can’t answer the phone. She (have) a bath. 4. She (have) two new pairs of jeans. 5. I (think) that all politicians tell lies. 6. I (think) about my girlfriend. She’s in New York at the moment. 7. Be quiet! I (watch) my favourite programme. I always (watch) it on Thursday evenings. 8. John’s not at home. He (see) the doctor about his sore throat. 9. I (see) the problem but I can’t help you. 10. This room (be used) usually for big meetings. But today it (be used) for a party.

Exercise 5 a) Role-play the dialogue.

A:What do you do?

B:I’m an interior designer. I decorate people’s houses, and give them ideas for furniture and lighting.

A:And what are you doing at the moment?

B:Well, now I’m working on a house. I’m working on a hotel. I’m designing a new dining room for the Hilton.

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