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Travelling by train

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There are so many things you have to do when you (journey, travel). Always make sure your (luggage, valise, coffer) has (a cartel, a card, a label, an etiquette) on it!

If you’re going (with, by, via) train, the (first, first thing) you have to do is to buy yourself (a billet, a ticket, a card, an etiquette). You usually have to stand in a (queue, line, row, tail) and it’s easy to (miss, lose, loose) your train and then wait hours (waiting, expecting, waiting for) the next one!

You buy (a single, an ordinary) or return ticket, and then look for a (wagon, carriage, car) where you hope you will find a free (seat, place, chair, space).

At last, you can (get into, enter into, enter, go in) the train and settle down to enjoy the (travel, voyage, journey, travels). If you’re lucky, the train (leaves for, leaves from, leaves, lives) the station (on time, in time, to time).

Sometimes (a conductor, a driver, an inspector, a guide) comes round to (examine, interrogate, question, look) your ticket, but usually you travel without interruption and can enjoy the (ride, drive, flight, walk). You can relax till (it’s, its, it has) time for you to (get off, go down, get down, descent) when you arrive at your (term, terminal, station, terminus).

Exercise 71 Many people jet around the world these days, both on business and for pleasure. Can you fill in the missing wordsset, supersonic, lagto form phrases with the wordjet?

1. Concorde is a ... jet.

2. After a long intercontinental flight, you may suffer from jet ...

3. Rich, fashionable people who do a lot of flying are sometimes known as the jet ... .


Exercise 72 There are several types of pedestrian crossing in Britain, all named after animals. Can you supply the missing animal names: pelican, puffin, zebra?

1. A crossing with black and white stripes and flashing beacons is called a ... crossing.

2. A ... crossing is one with traffic lights, which can be controlled by pedestrians.

3. A ... crossing is one with electronic devices, which detect when pedestrians are on the crossing.


(Key: 1. zebra. Ця назва походить від чорно-білих смуг. 2. pelican. Назва є скороченням від pedestrian light controlled crossing. 3. puffin. Puffin – від папуги; назва пешохідного переходу створено від початкових літер повного написання: pedestrian user-friendly intelligent crossing. Між іншим, існують також toucan crossing, що може використовуватися як велосипедистами, так і пішоходами. Припускають, що саме тому він так і називається – two can cross at a toucan crossing.)

U N I T 7


Grammar: Gerund

Use of That

Modal Verbs Should, Would, Shall, Will, Need, Dare

Text: New Technologies on World Railways

Supplementary text: Computer Crime

Word Building: un-, in-, il-, im-, ir-, non-; -ly; -ize, -fy


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