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CONVERSATIONAL PRACTICE. Exercise 56 Match the words in the box with the sentences below.

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Exercise 56 Match the words in the box with the sentences below.

Nothing much. Cheers. Sleep well. Excuse me. Not at all. Don’t mention it. Thank you. How are you? Bye for now. Thanks, same to you.

Model: ‘Hello, Sue!’ – ‘Hi, Jane. Nice to see you.’

‘_____.’ – ‘Fine, thanks.’

‘Thank you so much for helping.’ – ‘_____.’

‘Good night.’ – ‘_____.’

‘_____.’ – ‘Yes, can I help you?’

‘Have a nice day.’ – ‘_____.’

‘Make yourself at home.’ – ‘_____.’

‘See you next week.’ – ‘_____.’

‘What are you doing this weekend?’ – ‘_____.’

‘Here’s your beer.’ – ‘_____.’


Exercise 57 What would you say in the following situations? Compose dialogues.

1. You are at the airport. You’ve lost one of your suitcases. Ask the policeman for help. 2. You are meeting a foreigner at an airport. You don’t know him personally. One of the passengers looks like your guest. What would you say to know if he is the person you are looking for? 3. You want to show your visitor out of the airport to take the taxi, which is waiting by the entrance.



Adverb Suffixes: -ward(s), -wise Adverb Prefix: a- Noun Suffixes: -ure, -ture Verb Prefixes: dis-, mis-, de-


Exercise 58 a) Translate the words.

Seaward, southward, backward, upward, downward, outward, onwards, towards, inward, forward, homeward.

b) Translate the words using the stem given:east, wind, west, in, north, sky, home, earth.

На захід, в напрямку землі, на північ, до дому, в небо, по вітру, направлений усередину, на схід.


Exercise 59 a) Find the right translations for the following adverbs.

clockwise кінцем уперед
anywise в ширину
broadwise ніяким чином
crosswise інакше
endwise у відношенні до грошей
likewise за часовою стрілкою
otherwise стосовно кар’єри
nowise хрест-навхрест
moneywise подібно
careerwise якимось чином

B) Complete the sentences with the appropriate words from the table.

1. Screw the lid on ... . 2. Halve the potatoes ... . 3. Put your coat on, ... you’ll get cold. 4. His father was the President then. It helped him ... . 5. They have inherited a fortune. So they’re OK ... . 6. He voted for the change and he expected his colleagues to do ... .

Exercise 60 a) Point out the prefix in the following words and translate them.

Disadvantage, disloyal, disarrange, disappear, dishonesty, discover, dissimilar, disunion, disconnect, dislike, misunderstand, misspend, misdeed, mismanage, mislay, misbehave, misguide, mispronounce, misdirection, misinformation, misdoing, misuse.

B) Express the following in one word using the prefixes.

dis-: not to agree, not to allow, not to obey, not to approve, to deprive of colour, to deprive of comfort, to cease to continue, to cease to use, to cease to credit.

mis-: to translate (interpret, state) in a wrong way, bad fortune, wrong conduct, wrong use.

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