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Spend m. a lawyer

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Упражнение 2.Назовите 5 словосочетаний со словами law и legal.

Упражнение3. Заполните пропуски.

1. ... is a general term for a member of the legal profession, e.g. a judge, barrister, solicitor, law teacher, etc. 2. The common pur­pose of a barrister and a solicitor is to provide professional service and advice on legal... 3. Barrister is a lawyer who can speak and ... a case in one of the higher courts. 4. Attorneys are persons who are legally allowed to act on ... of someone else. 5. Solicitors may now have a right of... in certain courts. 6. At present a solicitor may choose any ... to advise his client or to appear for the client in court. 7. ... is a clerk who has passed the examination to become a solicitor but has to work in a solicitor's office for some years to learn the law. 8.... means protected by privilege, e.g. a letter from a client to his lawyer. 9. Jurors are members of a ... 10. Jurist is an ex­pert in ... 11. Jurisprudence is science and philosophy of human ...

Упражнение 4.Заполните пропуски следующими словами: legal, legally, legalize, legalization.

1. To ... is to make something legal. 2. To sue means to take ... action against someone in a civil court. 3. The directors of large commercial enterprises are ... responsible. 4. The ... of labour rela­tions is reflected in the law of employment.

Упражнение 5.Заполните пропуски синонимами или словами, близкими по значению.

higher in authority



need / require

hand / give to smb. else

show / direct attention to


discuss / debate

rule / order

not general

control systematically


Упражнениеб. Заполните пропуски антонимами.

sufficient ... guilt

incompetent ... strength

weak ... competence ...

lower court ... junior

qualify ... different

final exam ... very small

Упражнение7. Заполните таблицу на словообразование.


Verb Noun Adjective
exclude ...  
  practice ...
  restriction ...
  ... advisory
  preparation ♦ • ♦
specify . *. • •.
... qualification • • •
weaken ... ♦ • •

Упражнение 8. А.Назовите 20-25 ключевых слов и словосочетаний на тему «Professional titles in legal systems».

В.Speak about:

How to become a lawyer in different countries. SUPPLEMENTARY TEXTS

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