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Задание 1. Прочитайте и переведите лексику, используемую в гостиничном бизнесе

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The tariff Single occupancy De luxe A suite A continental breakfast Master Charge, etc A deposit Yellow pages Bell-hop Be lair - the list of prices (especially at a hotel) - occupied by one person - top class - a set of rooms (a bedroom, a sitting room, a bathroom) - usually coffee plus bread - these are credit cards. Master Charge, Visa and Bank Americard accepted - money which you pay in advance (before you stay at the hotel) - in Britain, telephone directories have information about goods and services on these pages - attendant who carries luggage to your room - Guest House

24-hour parking

Sorry - no children under ten years.

Rates subject to change

Reservations must be secured by your deposit cheque for one night's room rate.

Check-out time: 12 noon.

Room rates for one or two persons including a full continental breakfast:

Large corner rooms Standard rooms $100 per day $85 per day Small cottage rooms Extra guests in room $75 per day add $20 per person

Задание 2. Прочитайте и переведите диалоги.

1) A woman is calling a hotel clerk for reservations.

Clerk: Hello, Ashley Hotel.

Woman: Hello. I'd like to make reservations for 3 nights beginning March 6.

C: Yes, of course. What kind of room would you like?

W: I'd like a double room. How much would that be?

C: A double room is $42.00 a night.

W: O.K. I'll take it.

C: What is the name, please?

W: The name is Scott, Jack and Susan.

C: And what time will you be arriving?

W: We're planning to arrive around 8:00 in the evening.

C: Very well, Mom. We'll have your room ready for you.

W: OK Thank you!

C: Thank you for calling Ashley Hotel.

2) A man arrives at a hotel without reservations. He speaks to a clerk.

Clerk: May I help you, sir?

Man: Yes. I'd like a room for tonight.

C: Do you have a reservation?

M: No, I don’t.

C: I'm sorry, sir. We're completely booked up. This is a big week. Most places are booked. I think that some places outside of town might have rooms. You can try checking the yellow pages and calling.

M: O.K. I guess I'll have to try that. Thanks anyway.

3) A married couple is checking into a hotel. A clerk attends to them.

Clerk: Can I help you?

Husband: Yes. We have reservations for a double room for tonight. The name is Wilson.

C: Just a minute, sir. Is that Sam Wilson, Mr. and Mrs.?

Wife: Yes, it is.

C: OK. Please fill out this registration card.

W: (She fills it out.) OK. Here it is.

C: O.K. The room is $45.50 a night. The first night is payable in advance.

H: You accept traveler's checks, don't you? (Writing the check)

C: Yes, sir. We do. (Taking the check) The bell-hop will show you to your rooms. (To the bell-hop) James, please take Mr. and Mrs. Wilson to their room. Room 545.

Bell-hop: Yes, sir. Please come with me.

W: What time is check-out time?

C: Check-out time is 12:00 a.m.

4) A bell-hop brings a guest to the room.

Bell-hop: Here's your room, sir. Room 1266. (He opens the door)

Guest: Thank you. It seems to be O.K.

B-h: I hope you find everything to your satisfaction. If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to call the front desk or room service. Hope you have a pleasant stay.

G: Thank you (tips to the bell-hop).

B-h: Thank you, sir.

5) A woman calls room service for dinner.

Room service: Hello. Room service.

Woman: Hello, I'm calling from room 113. I would like to order dinner.

S: What would you like to order?

W: I'd like the roast beef with mashed potatoes and green beans.

S: Would you care for something to drink with dinner?

W: Ah...yes a large glass of milk.

S: Any dessert?

W: A dish of vanilla ice cream.

S: Thank you. We'll bring it up in about thirty minutes.

6) A man stops at the hotel desk and speaks to the clerk.

Clerk: May I help you?.

Man: Yes. Can you call me a taxi?

C: Yes, sir. (He talks on the telephone) OK, sir. One should be here in about five minutes.It will stop in front.

7) Receptionist: Good evening! Can I help you?

Guest: Good evening! Are there any free rooms?

Receptionist: Yes, sir. Do you want a single or double room?

Guest: A double, please with a bathroom.

Receptionist: How long will you stay?

Guest:Three nights, or possibly four.

Receptionist: Very good. You can take Room 302. Will you please sign the register? The porter will take your luggage up.

Guest: How much do you charge?

Receptionist: Two pounds for bed and breakfast.

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