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Change the stressed sentences into the suitable phrases of ex. 1.4 and make your own dialogues

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a) Bob: Mom, let me introduce my new friend to you.

His name is Alex.

Alex: How do you do, Mrs. White?

Mrs. White: How do you do, Alex? Pleased to meet you.

Alex: Pleased to meet you too, Mrs. White.

b) - May I introduce Mr. William Porter to you, Mr. Flake.

- How do you do, Mr. Flake! Glad to meet you.

- How do you do, Mr. Porter!

- Pleased to know you. How do you like our city?

- I like it very much.

c) - Alice, I want to introduce Fred Copper to you.

- Fred, this is my sister Alice. Alice, meet Fred Copper.

- Hi, Alice!

- Hi, Fred! How are you?

- Fine, thanks.



Read the conversations below and find English equivalents below.

1. Как у тебя дела?

2. Нечем похвастаться.

3. Я задержался из-за транспорта.

4. Ничего страшного.

5. Давно тебя не видела.

А) – Good morning, Mike!

- Good morning, Bob!

- How are you?

- Fine, thanks. How are things with you?

- Nothing to boast of!

B) – Hello, everybody!

- Hello, Peter!

- Excuse my being late. I was delayed by the traffic.

- Never mind.

C) – Hi, Helen!

- Hi, Peter!

- It’s a long time since I saw you last. Where have you been all this time?

- I’ve just come back home from America.

- Oh, really! How did you get up go there?

- Our family was invited to spend our holiday there.

Make up your own dialogues.

a) You meet a friend of yours after your summer holiday.

b) You are invited to your friend’s in the evening. You are not acquainted with his (her) parents. Your friend is introducing you to his parents.

c) It’s morning. You are late for class. Greet your teacher. Explain to her (him) what you were delayed by.


Saying Good-bye to People

1.8 Read and remember bits of conversations.

a) - Are you going my way?

- I’m afraid not. I’ve got to do some shopping.

- Good luck. Bye-bye.

- See you tomorrow.

b) - Dan, I’m sorry, I must hurry. You see, I have to go to the doctor. Good bye!

- So long, Ben!


c) - Minnie, the train starts in 5 minutes.

- Oh, you have to hurry. Have a good trip and safe! Keep well!

d) - Steve, I’m going to the sea-side for my holiday.

- Have a good holiday, Jane.

- Thanks. Have a good time!

e) – I am going to the country for the weekend.

- A good weekend!

- The same to you!

- Thank you.

Choose the English equivalent in the right column for the Russian sentences in the left column.

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