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Make up a dialogue according to the following situations.

a) You are seeing your friend off. The train starts in 3 minutes. Your friend must hurry. Say good-bye to each other. Wish him a happy trip.

b) Your American friends are leaving your place for home. You are seeing them off in the airport. Say good-bye to each other. Wish them a safe trip home.

c) You are going to visit a doctor. On the way there you meet a friend of yours. You are in a hurry. Greet each other, excuse your being in a hurry, as you are to visit a doctor, say good-bye to each other. You hope to see each other soon.

Personal details

1.11 Read the text below and ask special questions. Start with the words What / When / Where / How old / How many?

My name is Nick. My surname is Orlov. I live in Tyumen. My address is Flat 2, 16, Kalinin Street. My telephone number is 46-84-33.I was born on the first of October in 1988 so now I’m 18. I’m a student of Tyumen State University (TSU). I study at the Faculty of Biology. It is situated at 3, Pirogov Street. There are two departments at our faculty: Biology and Bioecology. I’ll be a Biologist after graduating our University.

1.12 Ask your partner the questions of ex. 1.11 and tell the class about him/her like in the example.

His name is Nick. His surname is Orlov. He lives in Tyumen. His…

Read the conversations and talk to your partner in the same way.

a) – Hello, I’m Nick.

- Hi, I’m Stan. I’m looking for my group.

- Are you from the faculty of Biology?

- No, I’m not. I study at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

- Are you a first-year student?

- No, I’m a fourth-year student.

- Have you got a job?

- Yes, I work at a telephone company.Oh, I see the students from my group. Bye.

- Bye.

b) Lecturer: Good morning, students.

Students: Good morning.

L.: Today is our first English lesson. Before we start I want to know your names. The young man at the first desk near the window, please tell me your name.

S.: My name is Alex.

L.: And what is your surname?

S.: Chernov.

L: Can you spell it?

S.: C-h-e-r-n-o-v.

L.: How old are you?

S.: I’m 18.

L.: Where do you live?

S.: I live here in the hostel, as my parents live in the country.

L.: Thank you.

c) – Hello. Remember me? I’m Bob from the faculty of Physics.

- Oh, yes. We met at Stan’s birthday party last month.

- Yes, it was on the 30th of July.

- It was great. How is Bob?

- I don’t know. I’ve lost his phone number.

- I can help you. His phone number is 44-55-78.

- Don’t you remember his address?

- Sure. His address is 254, 31, Maligin Street.

- Thank you


Personal pronouns as subjects Personal pronouns as objects Possessive adjectives Possessive pronouns
I You He/She/It We They me you him/her/it us them my your his/her/ its our their mine yours his/hers/- ours theirs


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