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Module 1 Unit 1 Introducing yourself4

Introducing yourself and others. Greeting people and saying

goodbye. Giving personal information. Months of the year.


Personal pronouns as subjects and objects.

Possessive adjectives and pronouns.

Cardinal and ordinal numbers. Present simple of be.

Unit 2 The Natural World...14

The Natural World. Morphology of Animals.

The World around us.

Using the Land.


Can / cant. There is / are. Comparison of Adjectives

Module 2 Unit 3 Family life..23

Family . Occupations


Present Simple. General and Special Questions.

The verb to have

Unit 4 Pets.....34

Pets. Colours. Morphology of dogs and cats.

Breeds of dogs


Plural of nouns. Present Continuous.

General and Special Questions.

Module 3 Unit 5 Appearance47

Parts of the body. Physical features.

Description of humans appearance.


Past Simple of the verb to be.

Past Simple of Regular and Irregular verbs.

Compound adjectives. Adjective word order.

Unit 6 Character.........55

Character adjectives. Personal qualities.

Relationship to others. Identifying people.


Question tags. Modal verbs must, have to,

mustnt, dont have to, neednt.

Module 4 Unit 7 Daily Routines 62

The time. Daily routines. Household jobs.

Typical weekday of people.


Likes and dislikes. Agreeing and disagreeing.

Verbs (e.g. like) followed by ing form.

Adverbs and adverbial phrases of frequency.

Past Continuous.

Unit 8 Leisure time and hobbies........71

Types of activities. Hobbies. Leisure and hobbies in Britain.


Future Tenses. Relative pronouns.

Module 5 Unit 9 Nutrition. Feeding animals86

Food and drinks. Ways to cook.

Eating habits. Pet nutrition.


Countable and uncountable nouns.

Some, any, no and their derivatives.

Present Perfect. Modal verbs

Unit 10 Healthy lifestyle..97

Healthy eating. Keeping fit. Stress and relaxation. Giving advise.


Infinitive / -ing forms. Conditionals 0, 1.

Animal collectives..108

Young of animals....109








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