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Infinitive / -ing forms

1. Complete the rules with infinitive (with / without to) or ing form. Find examples in the text below.

Would you like to have a healthy lifestyle? Try the following.

Do Dont
Avoid eatingsugary snacks. Have a balanced diet eating healthily is important and youll feelbetter. Spendan hour exercisingevery day if you want to stayin good shape. Remember to allowsome time for socializingand relaxation. Eat between meals. Drink any fizzy drinks. Stay up late at night. Letothers influenceyour choice. Make the mistake of thinking being first is everything.

1 preposition+ing

2 like / love / hate / enjoy +

3 would like / would love +

4 can, will, must, should +

5 wait, cant wait, remember, want+

6 let, make +

7 look forward to, dont mind, cant stand, avoid +

Fill in the gaps with the verbs in brackets in the correct form. Give reasons.

1. A: I want (start) an aerobics class.

B: Really? Can I (join) you?

2. A: John must (take) more exercise.

B: Thats true. Hell (lose) weight.

3. A: They arent allowed (take) part in the games.

B: What a shame! They should (complain) to the committee.

4. A: Lets (go) swimming.

B: I cant. I must (buy) a new costume!

5. A: I enjoy (go) to football games.

B: Really? I cant stand people (shout).

6. A: Its raining. Theres no point in (leave) now.

B: How about (order) a pizza, then?

6. A: Ann cant wait (quit) her job!

B: I know. Shes planning (move) to London and start a Masters degree.

Read the following pairs of sentences. Match the words in bold to their meaning.

1 a He has stopped eating junk food.

b He stopped to have a drink.

2 a She forgot to lock the door.

b Ill never forget visiting Moscow.

3 a He remembered meeting her three years ago.

b He remembered to pay the phone bill.

4 a Try cooking with olive oil. Itll taste better.

b He tried to jump over the fence, but he couldnt.

5 a I used to eat chocolate all the time when I was younger.

b Im used to eating lunch at 1:30 pm.

1 a repeated action in the past

b in the habit of doing so

2 a finish

b temporarily

3 a failed to do so

b memories will always be in my mind

4 a experiment

b made an attempt (without success)

5 a recalled the event

b completed the action

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

1. A: Ill never forget (travel) across Italy.

B: Yes, but you forgot (send) me a postcard.

2. A: Why dont you try (take) an aspirin?

B: Ive had one already. Ill try (relax) a bit, if I can.

3. A: Lets stop (eat) something.

B: Again? You should stop (eat) so much!

Conditionals: type 0, 1

6. a) Read the sentences. Which refers to: a general truth? a probable situation in the future?

1. If it stops snowing, well go skiing.

2. If water freezes, it turns into ice.

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