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Social Network

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8.5 Which of the activities would you describe as the following:relaxing, exciting, dangerous, good for your health, a waste of time?

  • Windsurfing
  • Watching TV
  • Jogging
  • Drama
  • Dancing
  • Collecting autographs
  • Birdwatching
  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • Fishing
  • Playing some musical instrument
  • Growing plants
  • Breeding animals

8.6 Make adjectives by adding –ful to the nouns and complete the sentences below using the correct adjectives.

Colour wonder cheer care beauty disgrace

1. This scarf’s very dull. I’d like something more …

2. If you are not more … you’ll have an accident

3. She’ll have to stay in bed for a month, but she’s very … about it

4. His behaviour is …. He’s always so rude

5. What a … smell! It’s making me hungry

6. The house is in a … part of the country

8.7 Divide these adjectives into pairs of opposites and write them in the correct columns.

Careless beautiful disgraceful ugly stressful exciting efficient wonderful admirable safe careful cheerful depressing unhealthy relaxing awful wasteful dangerous boring healthy

Positive cheerful Negative depressing

8.8 Guess what his / her hobby or leisure activity is:

1) Alice is very energetic. After classes she takes her racket and hurries to the court. She is a very good player.

2) Dick seems to know everything about the history of post. It’s like travelling about the world when he shows his albums to you. Wherever he comes he goes to the post office first of all.

3) Gloria was superb as Ophelia. When I first saw her on the stage, I couldn’t believe she is not a professional actress.

4) Jack’s picture of St. Paul’s Cathedral at noon is very nice. He has a very good sense of colour.

5) Nick travels a lot and always has his camera with him. I like his slides. They are full of expression.

6) Ulaf speaks six languages. Now he is learning Chinese. His favourite books are dictionaries.

7) Rona has three dogs and five cats. Last time I was at her place, I saw a snake! And Rona seemed to be fond of it.

8) Bert is a very reliable goalkeeper. When he plays for the school, our team always wins.

9) Cecily knows all the film stars. I think she doesn’t miss a single film that is on.

10) Frank travels a lot. He wants to see all the countries in the world.

Key:amateur drama, cinema, football, learning languages, painting, pets, photography, stamp collecting, tennis, tourism.

8.9 What do we call them?

1) The man who swims in ice hole an amateur actor.

2) The person who collects stamps a bibliophile.

3) The man who is fond of books a fisherman.

4) The person who often goes a motorist.

to the theatre a numismatist.

5) The person who is fond of travelling a philatelist.

6) The man who goes in for sports is called a sportsman.

7) The person who is fond of cars a theatre-goer.

8) The man who is fond of angling a tourist.

9) The man who takes part in amateur a walrus.


10) The person who collects coins of

different countries

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