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Leisure in Boxhampton

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  1. Leisure and hobbies in Britain

This Water Parkis part of the Wessex Valley Regional Park. Fishing is permitted here for Water Park Club members only (minimum age 18). Sailing, swimming and other water sports available at club, with professional teachers.

The City Farmis for everyone who loves animals and wants to learn more about this working farm in the heart of the city. There are cows, sheep and chickens, and cheese and butter are made in the dairies. The farm is open daily. Children under 14 must come with an adult.

The Local Community Sports Centreoffers a variety of activities – table tennis,

snooker, indoor football and karate. It is open six days a week from 5 p.m. to

10.30 p.m.; a small charge is made for the use of equipment.

The Nature Clubmeets at weekends, usually on a Sunday afternoon. Members take part in walks and discussions. All age groups are welcome.

The Play Centreprovides free entertainment for the under fives with indoor and outdoor play areas. You may leave your child here for up to two hours at a time in any one day.

The Potter Centreis organised for retired people. It opens five days a week from 11.30 to 6.00. Cheap hot meals are provided at lunchtimes and different activities take place every afternoon. There is also a monthly theatre excursion.

The Adventure Playgroundin Rowan Street was built for children up to the age of 14. There are ropes, swings, slides and tree climbs with an adult in charge all the time. Open during school holidays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. A small charge is payable for each child.

8.11 The people below want to take part in one of these activities. Put a cross in the box to show which is the best activity for each person.


Text number Water Park City Farm Community Sports Centre Nature Club Play Centre Potter Centre Adventure Play-ground

1. Mr. Smith has retired but dislikes being with groups of elderly people. Although he is still an energetic man he doesn't like sport; an opportunity to get away from the city would suit him.

2. The summer term has finished and Howard wants his seven-year-old son to play somewhere safe while he is at work.

3. Mrs. Muller wants someone to look after her three-year-old daughter for an hour twice a week while she goes to typing classes. She has very little money.

4. Steve is 16 and would like to take up a new sport. He's been thinking of trying sailing or perhaps a game he can play inside during the evening

5. Mark and his sister are 13 years old and full of energy. They love animals and want to be outdoors every morning but their parents are too busy to go with them.

8.12 Find these words and expressions in the text “Leisure and hobbies in Britain” and then match them with the explanations underneath. The first one has already been done for you.

1 Leisure 2 pursuits 3 Briton 4 household 5 a dozen 6 cable stations 7 dubbing 8 Do-it-yourself 9 voluntary work 10 famine 11 spectator sport 12 squash

A changing the language of a film by a sound track with actors speaking another language [7]

В television channels received by signals travelling through wires underground [ ]

С twelve [ ]

D work for which you are not paid any money [ ]

E a sport played by two people in a special room with high walls, using a small soft rubber ball [ ]

F British person [ ]

G a situation in which a large number of people have nothing to eat [ ]

H house or flat containing a single family unit [ ]

I a sport which people watch [ ]

J activities [ ]

К free time [ ]

L making and doing practical things for your house e.g. putting up shelves and wallpaper, sewing curtains [ ]

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