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Note down from the text (p. 134) the sentences containing the phrases and word combinations (p. 140) and translate them into Russian.

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9. Complete the following sentences nsing the phrases and word combina­tions:


1. After it was discovered that the politician had stolen others' speeches he was ... in the public eye for a long time. 2.1 can write you a letter of recommendation any time..... I'll do it right now. 3. In answer to my question she said nothing and I found it best to.... 4. Every time that Mary sat in her dingy city apart­ment she would ... a nice suburbian home. 5. All her friends in Moscow had told her that visiting the Bolshoi Theatre would be her most exciting experience and as a matter of fact it.... 6.... you are on the wrong bus ..., the road to your destination is closed. 7. The bay window in her sea-side apartment... the harbour. 8. On the bus this morning there was a man who kept looking..., but when Hooked back at him he would turn away. 9. Try as he might, Smith couldn't... his rigorous work schedule. 10.1 would ... to pay the painters later so that the work gets done properly. 11. Down 3 to 1 (3-1) in the final period, it looked like the Canadi­an hockey team was.... 12. As you walked into Isabella's house theShagal hanging in her living-room immediately.... 13.... other great cities Moscow has many more parks. 14. All day we rum­maged through the office... the old manuscript and only at five o'clock did we find it. 15. The builders worked day and night in ... finishing the new metro station.


10. Paraphrase the following sentences using phrases and word combinations:


1. We spent most of the day discussing our plans for the holidays. 2. He told a lie and is in disfavour. 3. Henry always looks so conceited; in reality he is very shy. 4. We've discussed the problem fully, let's talk about something else. 5. The womari travelled all over the country in order to find the child. 6. Try to imagine the beauty of the ocean on a bright sunny day. 7. He has a tendency towards business. 8. The ballet was as good as I had expected it to be. 9. The two rooms face the garden. 10. There are several urgent matters that attracted my attention. 11. The wood is at a very short distance from the cottage. 12. I see someone coming towards us. 13. To begin with, your story lacks confirmation, furthermore, I very much


doubt it could have happened at all. 14. I'm afraid I won't be able to deal effectively with all these difficulties.


11. Translate the following sentences into English using the phrases and word combinations:

1. Мне не хотелось разговаривать с Бобом, так как он был нака­зан за плохое поведение, 2. Чём вы занимаетесь большую часть свое­го свободного времени? 3. Джеймс жаловался, что ему никто ничего не говорит, но на самом деле он был в курсе всех событий. 4. Сту­дент впервые читал Пушкина в оригинале, и красота стиха поэта привлекала его внимание. 5. Джейн пыталась.представить себе чело­века, которого знала только по переписке (по его письмам). 6. Когда она увидела его, он не оправдал ее ожиданий. 7. Во-первых, он был довольно старый, а во-вторых, суетлив и раздражителен. 8. Я могу подробно описать все, что случилось. 9. Я в.это время стояла в двух шагах от того места, где произошел несчастный случай. 10. Окна моей комнаты выходят во двор. 11. Кто эта девушка, которая смот­рит в нашу сторону? 12. Этот дом кажется совсем крошечным по сравнению с новым. 13. Я все перерыла в поисках билета в театр, куда же я могла его положить? 14. В спешке отъезда никто не заме­тил, что старик остался на мосту.


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