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Explain the meanings of the following words and expressions from the text. Make sentences with each of them

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- Midterm elections;

- Term of office;

- Senator;

- Representative;

- Congressman;

- Parliamentary system of government;

- Executive departments;

- The President’s Cabinet.


2. Complete the following text by translating the words and expressions in brackets:

The President of the United States in chosen in a national election for a four-year (пребывание у власти), and may be (переизбран) for a second (срок). He must be a native-born citizen at least 35 years old. His salary is $200,000 a year, and he also gets an extra $50,000 for expenses; but he must pay (подоходный налог) on the whole amount. He receives up to $100,000 tax-free for travel and $20,000 for official entertainment, and is provided with a home and extensive office space at the White House.

As head of the Executive Branch, the President must (выполнять) the government programmes (принятые) by Congress. He recommends programmes and laws to Congress and requests money for federal government operations. If a President «vetoes» or refuses to sign a bill passed by the Congress, his (вето) may be (отменено) by a two-thirds vote of both houses of Congress. The President (назначает) federal (судьи), (послы) and hundreds of government (чиновники), and assigns duties to the elected Vice President. If a President dies, (уходит в отставку) or becomes permanently disabled, the Vice President (принимает на себя его обязанности) until the next election.

Under the US Constitution a sitting President may be (смещён с должности) before his term expires only by an impeachment process that begins with the House of Representatives. If upon sufficient evidence, the House drafts a «bill of impeachment», which must be (одобрен) by two thirds of its membership, (Судебный процесс) in the Senate, with the Chief Justice of the United States acting as the judge and the Senator as the jury, follows. Only one American President has ever been impeached: Andrew Johnson, who was (судим и оправдан) in 1868. But 1974 saw an equally historic confrontation arising out of the «Watergate» affair, which centered on illegal campaign contributions and involved (высокопоставленные государственные чиновники), including President Richard Nixon. Before a trail could take place, however, President Nixon (подал в отставку), and Gerald R. Ford, then Vice President, (сменил) him. The translation was quick and orderly as the business of the nation went on.

3. Answer the questions:

1. How many terms may a Senator or a Representative serve?

2. Which house of Congress has the power to introduce laws?

3. Name at least three functions of Congress.

4. Does the President always belong to the party which has the majority in Congress?

5. What is the major difference of the American system of government from parliamentary ones?

6. Name at least three functions of the President?

7. Who succeeds the President if he dies or resigns?

8. Under what circumstances can the President be removed from office before his term expires?

9. Who does the President’s Cabinet consist of?

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