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Exercise1. Read the text more carefully and answer the questions.

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1. The story takes place in France. Which part of France do you think it is? Why? 2. What is the countryside like?

3. What do you think Elzeard’s ambition is?

4. What is his vision of the future?

5. Why is the writer speechless?

6. What thoughts about human behavior does he have in the last sentence?


Exercise2. What do you think?

Do you think ….

… the story about Elzeard is true?

… Elzeard was ever married?

Give reasons for your opinions.

Topical vocabulary:

Important Issues: acid rain, aerosol, animal welfare, carbon monoxide, climate, conservation, endangered species, energy, nuclear energy, solar energy, exhaust fumes, fertilizers, forest fires, global warming, greenhouse effect, (non)-renewable resources, nuclear, nuclear fallout, nuclear reactor, oil-slick, ozone layer, pesticide, pollution, protected animal, rain forest, unleaded petrol, waste, nuclear waste, radio-active waste, wildlife,atmosphere, chemicals, dumping, pollutant deforestation, industrial waste, rubbish, sewage, smog, toxic gases, traffic, unleaded petrol

Natural Disasters:drought, earthquake, flood, tidal wave, typhoon, volcanic eruption

Politics: environmental group, green issues, pressure group

Environment – verbs: tocut down, to destroy, to dispose (of), to dump, to protect, to pollute, to recycle, to save, to throw away, to use up, to poison.

Vocabulary exercises:

Exercise1. Translate and transcribe the vocabulary.


Exercise2. Define what of these calamities are happened by human factor or natural way? Tell other reasons cause them.

Windstorm, hurricane, landslide, flood, earthquake, avalanche, cyclone, drought, forest fire, volcanic eruption, pollution.


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