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Exercise1. Look at the pictures name the places. Pick up any city and make a packing list to travel there.

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Exercise2. Look at the aspects of travel listed below. What are they like in your country? How are they different in any other country you have been to?

a. roads and car-drivers

b. airports

c. train services

d. hitch-hiking possibilities


Exercise3. Choose five of the places that you’d like to go to. Use the Key words to help you write brief notes about them.

Cities Barselona, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Venice. World Wonders The Acropolis in Athens, the Giza Pyramids, The Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, The Taj Mahal in India Wild Places Antarctica, The Amazon Rainforest, the Canadian Rockies, the Galapagos Island, the Grand Canyon, The Sahara Desert, The Serengeti Game park Key Words: Describing Places Breathtaking views, bustling streets, cultural melting-pot, delicious food, dramatic scenery, elegant architecture, exotic animals, historic buildings, ideal for adventure sports, interesting flora and fauna, lively nightlife, romantic atmosphere, snow-capped mountains, spectacular buildings, teeming wildlife, unspoilt forests, wide open spaces, world-class art galleries.

Speaking: How adventurous are you? Look at the following activities Complete this questionnaire about yourself. Put a tick next to the ones you would love to try. Put a cross next to the ones you would be too nervous or scared to do.

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