Exercise2. Choose the best answer

  1. A) check your answers for the listening activity 2,
  2. Answer the following questions with one word or phrase.
  3. B Write the correct details about Raphael Gordon and his family. Compare your answers with a partner.
  4. Choose between the infinitive and the gerund as the object to an adjective in the following sentences
  5. Choose one point and discuss it with a partner.
  6. Choose the best verb and underline it.
  8. Complete the gaps 1-6 with missing parts A-G. One part is extra. Fill the table with answers.
  9. Ex 3. Answer the following questions negatively.
  10. Ex. 1.Read the dialogues and answer the questions.

1. The Sheffield festival lasts

a. two days

b. seven days

2. The Sheffield festival

a. only shows films

b. offers films and other events

3. In England, it is common to find

a. documentaries at the cinema

b. documentaries on the TV

4. The Sheffield festival takes place in

a. one cinema only

b. several cinemas

5. The London Film Festival is

a. bigger than the Sheffield festival

b. smaller than the Sheffield festival

6. The films at the London Festival are

a. watched by a few people

b. watched by many people

7. At the London festival

a. some famous people go to see the films

b. no-one who is famous goes to see the films

8. At this years London festival the first film is

a. from Hollywood

b. from Britain

9. At this years London festival, the final film is

a. a comedy

b. a romance

10. Which film would you prefer to watch?

a. Dirty Little Things

b. The Heart of Me



Match the words from the text with their definitions on the right.

Hostsa special event where people share and develop ideas

Essential to feel satisfaction about something you have done

Workshops the large white area on which the film is shown

The big screen very important

Proudto provide the space and equipment for a special event

Schedulethe number of people who go to an event

Glamorousa time when something is presented in a positive way

Attendance figuresof the present day, now

Showcasea timetable of events

Contemporary more attractive or interesting than the normal thing


Exercise3. Follow up Writing and discussion

Writing a film review and planning a film festival

1. a. Think of a film you have seen recently.

What was it called?

Who was in it?

Who directed it?

What type of film was it?

What was the basic story?

Did you like it?

What was good about it?

-The story?

-The atmosphere?

-The acting?

-The special effects?

Would you recommend the film?


b. Use your answers to the questions to write a small review of the film.

Give your review to your teacher.


Exercise4. Look at the different reviews your teacher has given you. Work with your partner(s) and select some films (your teacher will tell you how many) for a new film festival in your local area.


Where will you show the films?

At a cinema?

In a community centre?


At school?

Will your festival include other events?

Meet the stars?

Meet the directors?


Workshops on film making?

What will you call the festival?

How long will it be?

How much will the tickets cost?


Topical Vocabulary:

Cinema:cinema (house), open-air theatre, cinema with continuous performance; drive-in-theatre, film, movie, (motion) picture, to go to the cinema (a movie, movies, pictures), normal screen, wide (large, broad) screen, the first (second) showing, entrance (exit), showing (performance, programme) begins at
(ends at ...), colour poster, the box office, to book tickets.
Films: documentary, educational, popular scientific (or science) film, feature film, science fiction film, animated cartoon, adventure film, musical, puppet film, thriller, comedy, horror film, crime film, Western, childrens film, theatrical film, wide-screen, colour (black-and-white, mute, sound, dubbed, full-length, short- length) film; short, two (three) part film, wartime epic, newsreel, serial, X film, star-studded film, the screen version (adaptation) of the novel.
Parts of films: scene, outdoor (indoor) scene, the opening scene, the final scene, crowd scene, an episode, still, shot, long shot, close-up, caption, ubtitle, flash-back(s).

Cinema work: to shoot (produce, make) a film, to make a screen version (adaptation) of a novel, to screen a novel (play, story), to adapt a novel for the screen, to film a novel, to play (act) on the screen, to release a picture, to come out (about a film), to go into production, to remake a film, to reissue a film, to be dubbed in Russian, to present a film in Russian, co-production (joint production), directed by ..., scenery and costumes by ... , the songs set to music by....
Cinema workers: producer, film director, art director, camera-man, script-writer, animator, costume designer.

Cinema-goers: film goers, audience, film fans, to watch the film (screen), to watch smb. acting on the screen, to see a film.

Actors and acting: the cast, comedian, an actor of great promise, leading actor, star, to play the main (leading, title, key) or small (supporting, rnajor) role , to co-star, to portray a character, to give a convincing (memorable, captivating, warm, brilliant, superb) portrayal of ... , to give a magnificent performance as ... (in), to take (gain) the best actress (actor) award (title), to create a true1 an X film a film which may be seen by adults only to-life image, to make the most of the role, to bring to life on the screen, to come alive on the screen, a typical N role, to outshine everybody else, a new N film, to star in a role, to be miscast (ill-chosen), to be cast to advantage. Effect. Impression:the film deals with (depicts, presents, tells of); the message of the film; to win universal acclaim; to praise unreservedly; to leave a deep and lasting impression on; to appeal so much to the audience; to be (make) a hit with the public; a delightful, amusing comedy; entertaining (powerful, gripping, absorbing, vividly dramatic, technically brilliant, sad, depressing, slow-moving, dragged-out) film; to mar a film; to leave smb. cold; empty of serious content; a flop; a good film, not without flaws; a run-of-the- mill film; not a film to everyones taste; not an easy film to watch; obscure and complex ideas.

Vocabulary exercises:

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