Exercise 59. Answer the questions negatively using the words in brackets.

  1. A Work with a partner. Pay attention to the words and their definitions.
  2. A) check your answers for the listening activity 2,
  3. Additional Exercise
  4. Answer the following questions with one word or phrase.
  5. B In group, discuss these questions.
  6. B Now listen again and write the words Dan uses under the ones that you underlined.
  7. B Write the correct details about Raphael Gordon and his family. Compare your answers with a partner.
  8. BēonThis verb was highly suppletive and in OE employed two separate words/roots
  9. B. Complete the following sentences with the Past Simple Tense of the verbs of the previous exercise.
  10. Complete the dialogues using the Present Continuous forms of the verbs in brackets.

Example: When did you see her last time? (since August)

I havent seen her since August.

1. When did it rain last? (since September)2. When did you last eat caviar? (for ages)3. When did you play chess last? (for a long time)4. When did he write to you? (since last September)5. When did you last go to Madrid? (never)6. When did you last ride a horse? (for two months)7. When did you last visit her? (since last month)8. When did you speak to your German friends on the telephone last? (since New Year)9. When did you finish reading this book? (yet)10. When did you last visit your grandmother? (since Christmas)


Exercise 60. Complete the sentences using already, ever, yet, just .

1. Have you been to South Africa? 2. Have you finished writing your composition or did you do it earlier? I havent finished it . 3. Shall I pay the waiter? No, Ive paid the bill. 4. Have you spoken to a famous person? 5. Ann, lay the table. Ive cooked the dinner. 6. They dont know what the problem is. They have arrived. 7. Is it a good film? Yes, its the best film I have seen. 8. The post hasnt come . 9. She has explained the situation to me. 10. He hasnt invited me to the party . 11. Nobody has found the lost city of Atlantis .

Exercise 61. Open the brackets using Present Simple Present Perfect.

1. Look! They (stop). 2. I (want) to see you. I (not/see) you for ages! 3. What (be) your name? My (be) always Cole. 4. You (read) this book? Yes. What you (think) of it? 5. I (not/be) to a zoo before. It (be) a nice feeling to go somewhere you never (be) before. 6. You (know) Nick? Yes. How long you (know) him? I (know) him for ten years. 7. There (be) a lot of things I (want) to do for a long time and I (not/do) them. 8. You (realize) we (know) each other for a quite a period of time now? And this (be) the first occasion you (ask) me to come with you. 9. You (know) the girl who just (leave) the shop? Yes, that (be) Bella York. She (be) a customer of yours? Not, exactly. She (be) here several times, but she never (buy) anything. 10. Come in. I (be) awake since sun-up. 11. I (not/see) your pictures for a long time. Can I look round? 12. Itll be good to see him again. How long he (be) away? It (seem) ages. 13. I (know) you nearly all my life, but I never (see) you so excited about anything.


Exercise 62. Open the brackets using the Present Simple or the Present Perfect or the Present Continuous.

1. I must know what you (talk) about. 2. I hear that you (be) in this country for some time. 3. He (admire) you tremendously. He (see) the play three times. 4. I (not know) what Harry (say) to you. 5. I want to see how much he (change) since I (see) him last. 6. We (be) to the pictures about twice a week ever since. 7. Hello, what you (do) there at this late hour? 8. I (suppose) you never (have) anything to do with those people. 9. She (be awake) since two in the morning. 10. I always (stay) in my dressing-room and (rest) till the evening performance. 11. I (hear) you (look) for a new house. 12. Since the tragedy Mr. Holmes and I (hear) of many strange things. 13. (happen) anything else since your arrival in London? 14. Please, give me a pencil, I (lose) mine. 15. They (be) to the Hermitage twice this week. 16. Oh, close the window! Look, all my papers (fall) on the floor because of the wind.

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