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Replace the italicised adverbial clauses of time by the appropriate form of the Participle using the models

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Model 1:


когда читаю (when, while) reading

когда читал


когда прочитал having read

потому что прочитал

1. As she had been walking most of the night, she felt tired and sleepy. 2. When I take a child to the circus, I always know I'm going to enjoy myself. 3. As I had never seen anything like that before, I was eager to see the performance. 4. When he had passed the last examination, he began to look round for a job. 5. When he had drunk his second cup of coffee, he folded the newspaper and rose. 6. Whenever she spoke on the subject, she was liable to get all hot and bothered. 7. When I had finally made up my mind, I told my parents about my new plans. 8. As she had spent most of her housekeeping money, she reluctantly decided to go home. 9. As she had not had any lunch, she wanted her tea badly. 10. When I spoke to her I always tried to make my meaning clear. 11. When we were playing chess that evening, we kept watching each other. 12. When she had taken the children to school, she could go and do her weekly shopping.


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Open the brackets using the correct form of the Participle. Do not mix these | Complete the sentences, using suitable constructions
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