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Replace the italicized parts of the sentence or clauses by gerundial phrases

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Model: He said all this and he did not even smile.

He said all this without even smiling.

1. We suspected that the boy was lying. 2. Nobody could tell when they were going to return. 3. She did not wish to make an effort. 4. It is necessary to brush the coat. 5. It was impossible to reason with her when she felt like this. 6. She was very clever, she could turn an old dress into a new one. 7. He wouldn't say whether he meant to buy the car before he took it for a trial run. 8. Let's go out for dinner. / don't feel well enough to cook anything. 9. I don't like the idea that I should do it all.


Replace the parts in bold type by gerundial phrases


1. When she saw him she stopped reading at once and put the letter away and even did not explain anything. 2. In this thick fog she was afraid that she might be knocked down. 3. He preferred to keep silent for fear that he might say something inopportune. 4. He felt much better after he had been operated on. 5. He was not only the author of brilliant short stories, but he was also a talented playwright. 6. When he had written his report, he remembered that he had forgotten to mention some facts. 7. Once he gets into his head an idea of doing something, it is impossible to talk him out of it. 8. When the girl entered the room, she glanced a little wonderingly at the faces of the three men. 9. The whole neighbourhood was so dreary and run-down that he hated the thought that he would have to live there. 10. You will do nothing but irritate him if you will nag him all the time. 11. That I was on the spot was a bit of luck for him. 12. Samuel Griffiths came back from Chicago on this particular day, after he had concluded several agreements there.

Complete the following by translating what is given in brackets using the Gerund, Insert prepositions where necessary



1. They prided themselves ... (что первыми изобрели этот прибор). 2. They accused him ... (в том, что он предал своих друзей). 3. I can't recall ... (чтобы меня с ним когда-нибудь знакомили). I even don't remember ... (что видел его). 4. Не couldn't get used … (к левостороннему движению/водить машину по левой стороне). 5. She was quite unconscious ... (что пришла в неудачный момент). 6. Excuse me ... (что я вошел не постучав). 7. I'm really ashamed ... (что так вел себя на вечере). 8. She denied ... (что обещала заглянуть к нам). 9. We hope he will succeed ... (найти свое место в жизни). 10. Why do you avoid ... (смотреть на меня)?


1. From the age of four, I had been used to ... (делать все по-своему). 2. I was not used to ... (когда меня развлекают дамы (entertain)). 3. How proud I was of ... (что изобрел это замечательное устройство). 4. I was tired of always ... (носить чужую одежду). 5. In the morning she was ashamed of herself for... (что была так груба вчера вечером). 6. He's merely used to ... (что за ним ухаживают). 7. Не was grateful to Finch for ... (что уговорил его зайти). 8. But they are used to ... (иметь дело с настоящими бизнесменами (to deal)). 9. She wasn't fond of ... (задавать множество вопросов). 10. At the time I was very keen on ... (получить собственный доход).


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