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  1. It is important to remember not to make any further RTF unless initiated by the pilot.


Some verbs are not used in continuous tenses. These verbs are called Stative Verbs or State Verbs. They express a situation that exists, not an action in progress.

These include:


a. Verbs which express likes or dislikes: like, love, dislike, hate, enjoy, prefer, etc.
b. Verbs of the senses: see, hear, smell, taste, feel, look, sound, etc.
c. Verbs of perception: know, believe, understand, realize, remember, forget, think, see (understand), etc.
d. Some other verbs such as: be, contain, include, belong, fit, need, matter, cost, mean, own, want, owe, have (=possess), weigh, wish, keep (=continue), etc.


Some of the verbs above are used in continuous tenses when they describe actions and not states.


State Action
He thinks he’s really clever. мнение: думать считать, полагать I’m thinkingabout his offer. процесс: обдумывать пробовать
What does it taste like?   на вкус   He’s tasting the food to see if it’s good. пробовать  
He has two brothers. иметь, владеть She’s having lunch. часть устоявшегося выражения
The silk shirt feels soft.   на ощупь Ann is feeling the cat’s fur. ощупывает
Do you see what I mean? понимать, видеть I’m seeing Paula tonight. встречаться
Your perfume smells of apples. пахнуть She is smelling the roses. нюхать
I love/enjoy good films. вообще I’m loving/enjoyingthis film. конкретный
It looks as if it is going to rain. похоже He is looking at the painting. смотреть
He appears to be working. кажется, что The opera singer is appearing on stage tonight. выступать, появляться
The box is heavy. It weighs a lot. весить He is weighing the potatoes on the scales. взвешивать
Tom is naughty.   постоянно Suzy is being very naughty. сейчас
These shoes fit me perfectly. подходить по размеру We are fitting a new carpet in the hall. встраивать
I expect you would like something to eat. думать, полагать She’s expecting a baby. она ждет ребенка
Old people hear badly, as a rule. слышать The court is hearing a case of murder next week. в суде слушается дело…)



I. Complete the following sentences with the correct tense forms (Present Indefinite or Present Continuous) of the given verbs.


a. These flowers ______ good. b. Mike ______ the flowers.


a. I ________ Roberto is a kind man. b. I ________ about this exercise.


a. I ________ a butterfly. You _______ it too? b. Jane ______ a doctor about her headaches.

c. Jack and Ann __________ each other. They go out together every weekend.


a. Kathy ________ cold. I’ll give her my coat. b. Tina ________ out the window. She sees a butterfly.


a. Sam __________ to be asleep. Let’s not disturb him. b. My favourite actor currently ________ ate the Paramount.


a. Sue ___________ the cat’s fur. b. The cat’s fur _______ soft.

c. I not __________ well today. d. I __________ that it is important to respect other people’s opinions.


a. Ann ______ a car. b. I _________ a hard time, but Olga ________ a good time.


a. I _________ my first teacher. b. Aunt Sarah is looking through an old picture album. She __________ the wonderful days of her childhood.


a. This piano is too heavy for me to lift. It ________ too much. b. The grocer _________ the bananas.


a. This food ________ delicious. b. Mother ____________ the sauce to see if it needs more salt.

II. Use the verb in Present Indefinite or Present Continuous depending on its meaning:

  1. a) I (think) you already know my views on the matter.

b) I’m tired of working in an office. I (think) of changing my job.

2. a) I (just/smell) your roses.

b) They (not smell) wonderful?

3. a) I (not hear) anything. It’s just your imagination.

b) The court (hear) this particular part of the evidence in private.

4. a) – I (just/taste) the cocktail to see if there’s enough gin in it.

b) – How it (taste) to you?

5. a) – The police (still/look) for fingerprints left in the room.

b) – It (look) as if they won’t find the criminal.

6. a) – I (love) breathing in clean country air.

b) – So do I. I (love) every minute of this walking trip.

7. a) – I (see) my boss about a pay rise this afternoon.

b) – I (see). That’s why you’re wearing a suit and a tie.

8. a) – Why (you/smell) the inside of the car?

b) – Because it (smell) of petrol and I want to check for leaks.

9. a) – How much (your new baby/weigh)?

b) – I don’t know yet. The nurse (weigh) him at the moment.

10. a) – Why (you/feel) the baby’s forehead, Mum?

b) – I think she’s got a temperature. She (feel) rather hot.

11. a) – I (think) about buying a new car soon.

b) – Why? I (think) your car is fine. You don’t need a new one.

12. a) – Chris (be) a sensible person, isn’t he?

b) – Yes, but in this case he (be) rather foolish.

13. a) – Why you (feel) the radiator?

b) – It (feel) cold in here. Is the heating on?

14. a) – What you (look) at?

b) – The sky. It (look) as if it’s going to rain.

15. a) – I really (enjoy) home-made food.

b) – So do I, and I (enjoy) every bit of this meal.


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