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Ex.1. Read and translate the text into Russian.

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The Tasmanian tiger only recently became extinct. Although it was a marsupial [ma:¢sju:piəl], it actually looked more like a dog. The Tasmanian tiger had a tail like a kangaroo and a marsupial pouch to carry its young. Sometimes it would stand upright, resting on its tail just like a kangaroo. This special animal was an orange colour and had between 13 and 19 brown stripes on its back. Tasmanian tigers lived around the East and North coast of Tasmania and preferred the plains to the mountains. They hunted alone usually eating small animals such as sheep or birds. Farmers saw them as a threat to their flocks, so they hunted them in large numbers. As a result they became extinct. In 1929 the Tasmanian government declared the Tasmanian tiger a protected species but, unfortunately, it was too late. The last known Tasmanian tiger died in captivity in the Hobart Zoo in 1936.



Ex.2. Are the sentences True (T) or False (F)?

1. The Tasmanian tiger exists nowadays. _____________

2. It looked like a fox. _____________

3. It had neither a tail nor a marsupial pouch. _____________

4. The Tasmanian tiger had about 19 stripes _____________

and it preferred the plains to the mountains. _____________

5. They hunted in groups. _____________

6. Farmers didn’t hunt them at all. _____________

7. Tasmanian tigers live in different Zoos so far. _____________


Text 3


Read the text. From four variants A, B, C, D choose the most suitable one.

It happened in a crowded bus (1) ______ the rush hour. A boy of about twelve sat by the window watching the changing scenery and pretending (2) ______ the old men and women standing near him.

A distinguished-looking gentleman (3) _______ the boy: “If I (4) _______ you 5 pounds will you stand up and (5) ________ your seat?” – “Sure!” – answered the boy smiling. The man took (6) ________ out of his pocket and handed it to the boy. The boy took the money and stood up at once. “The seat is (7) _______”, – said the man to an elderly lady standing (8) ______ to him. She blushed and answered: “Thank you very much, but I can’t possibly take the seat for which you have paid (9) _______!” – “(10) _______ about that, Madam. You see, I’m an old teacher. I have given the boy some money to teach him a lesson. (11) ________ is too expensive!” The lady sat down and said to the boy, “I say, Bob, have you thanked the gentleman (12) ________ the 5 pounds he gave you?”

1. A: at B: on C:in D: for
2. A: seeing not B: not see C: not seeing D: not to see
3. A: told to B: said C: talked to D: said to
4. A: will give B: give C: gave D: had given
5. A: let me to have B: let me have C: let me D: let to have me
6. A: 5 pounds note B: a 5-pounds note C: 5-pound note D: a 5 pound note
7. A: your B: of you C: your’s D: yours
8. A: near B: next C: by D: around
9. A: so much B: so many C: too many D: a lot of
10. A: not to worry B: don’t worry C: not worry D: no worry
11. A: some B: nothing C: any D: anything
12. A: of B: with C: for D: because



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