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Dialogue. John is explaining his new job to his wife, Susan

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John is explaining his new job to his wife, Susan. He is a sales trainee for a company.

John It's a great job, you know. The salesmen are paid salaries instead of being on commission.

Susan Why do you find it great? You can earn less money.

John Well, it's a regular weekly salary. And besides we get reimbursed for everything lunches and dinners even the football tickets, the car, gasoline, tolls.

Susan That's really great.

John And I'm going to get a raise in three months.

Susan And what are you going to see.

John Foam rubber.

Susan What is it used for?

John It is used to make couches and beds, generally ideal with furniture manufactures.

Susan So you will travel much won’t you.

John No delivery is a part or our wholesaling operation. Foam is sold and delivered by the truckloads. It is rather bulky and it is expensive to have it shipped a big distance. We are going to deal with buyers who are in this region.

Susan That's fine. I don't want you to travel too much. By the way I want to know more about sales procedure.

John At first I go to see a buyer. We discuss what he n needs. After that I send him a written quote. If our prices suit him, he'll call us and send an order.

Susan Do you take orders over the phone?

John Yes. The buyers are always in a hurry and a letter would take too much time to come. If it's a verbal agreement we call it gentlemen's agreement.

Susan And what happens after the verbal agreement?

John We receive a written purchase order. It is called p.o. - and it has a number that we use for all future correspondence on that order. The office then retypes the order form and the p.o. and order form are stapled together and filed.

Susan It sounds organized. Whom do you usually deal with in a company?

John Well, I'll deal with purchasing agents. But I could deal with any administrator from the president on down, in some cases.

Susan Good. Soon you'll get your raise.

John Yes. Selling is usually a stepping stone to higher positions in management.

Susan Don't worry, deal. If it doesn't work out, we still have my job.


Active Vocabulary

sales trainee стажер по торговле

to be-on commission получать комиссионные с продажи

to reimburse возмещать, восполнять

to get a raise получить повышение

toll пошлина, плата за услуги

quote назначение цены

delivery доставка

gentlemen's agreement джентльменское соглашение

verbal agreement устное соглашение

purchase order (p.o.) заказ на покупку

to deliver доставлять

to staple (зд.) проверять

to file подшивать, хранить

stepping stone средство для достижения цели


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