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Ex.5. Put the words in the correct order. If necessary, add preposition to.

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Ex.1. Point out the kind of object and say what it is expressed by.

1. She wrote her mother a letter every week.

2. The librarian will reserve the copy of the book for you.

3. Give this note to your mother.

4. He had been thankful for that chance.

5. An honest man will always tell people the truth.

6. I will insist on his doing it.

7. Fill me this jug with water.

8. The two girls took their sick friend some flowers.

9. He thought that I ought to try again.

10. I know all about it.

11. He was with you at the banquet.

12. Don’t show it to me.

13. Laura helped her mother with the tea.

14. She read the letter to the woman who was sitting next to her.

15. What have you got there?

Ex.2. Distribute the following sentences according to the structural types of the objects and complements used in them and fill in the table given below.

1. He insisted on my coming.

2. I hate visiting clubs.

3. Meet her tomorrow.

4. He was amazed by what he saw there.

5. I want him to succeed.

6. I saw a brown box there.

7. I wish you were here.

8. I like dancing.

9. She remembered meeting her last year.

10. I want my photo taken.

11. I suggest that you should go there.

12. I talked to your brother today.

13. I want this book to be published.

14. I had my hair cut last month.

15. I hate your being late.

16. I like reading books.

17. I don't know how to help her.

18. Do you know where she lives?

19. He ordered them to come.

Simple Phrasal Complex Clausal

Ex.3. Consider constructions with cognate objects. Translate into Russian. Replace the cognate-object combinations with single verbs, making other changes in the sentences if necessary.

1. The old couple have lived a long and happy life.2. Thehostesssmiled a welcoming smile to the entering guest.3.You must sleep a sound sleep, and your headache will cease without taking medicine. 4. Will Jenny sing a song? 5. The commander fired three shots in the air. 6. See, she will dance now some folk dances, it will be an excellent performance. 7. I dreamed such a strange dream last night! It was like living through it, not just seeing a vision.

Ex. 4. A. Choose the preposition from the central column which fits the rest of the sentence.

1. Give your share 2. Buy a drink 3. Do a favour 4. Reserve a table 5. Give the money 6. Save a place 7. Offer a job 8. Pass the file 9. Spare something to for Robert. the others. a friend. me. your father. Ted. the best applicant. the tutor. all of us.

B. Replace the noun-phrase after the preposition with a pronoun. Paraphrase the sentence according to the model.

Model: Give your share to Robert. – Give him your share.

Ex.5. Put the words in the correct order. If necessary, add preposition to.

  1. The inspector refused to say / anybody / anything.
  2. Would you like to read / the children / a bedtime story?
  3. I have promised / a party / the children.
  4. Don’t tell / anything / the others.
  5. Edward teaches / chemistry / students.
  6. The Dean explained / the colleagues / the situation.
  7. The President announced / his resignation / the press.
  8. I shall have to report / this / the authorities.

Ex. 6. Correct the mistakes in the following sentences:

1) He picked up the bag and then disappeared it.

2) She said me that she had had fun.

3) Please, let me introduce you my friend John.

4) Prices were rose sharply last year.

5) They saved for my friend a seat.

6) The teacher explained us the point.

7) She gave to the girl sitting in the next cabin instructions.


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