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Now find out about the handwriting of students in your group and answer the questions.

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  1. A) check your answers for the listening activity 2,
  2. Answer the following questions with one word or phrase.
  3. B Group any nouns and adjectives which often go together.
  4. B In group, discuss these questions.
  5. B Write the correct details about Raphael Gordon and his family. Compare your answers with a partner.
  6. Complete the gaps 1-6 with missing parts A-G. One part is extra. Fill the table with answers.
  7. Discuss in class the following questions.
  8. e groupe
  9. Ecrivez les verbes en trois colonnes selon les groupes.
  10. Ex 3. Answer the following questions negatively.

1. Whose handwriting is the biggest?

2. Whose handwriting is the smallest?

3. Whose handwriting is the easiest to read?

4. Whose handwriting is the most attractive?

5. Whose handwriting is the most childish?

6. Whose handwriting is the most uniform?


A film director is trying to decide on two actors (one male, one female) for the leading roles in his new film. Look at the pictures then listen to the tape and find the two people.

Read the following descriptions and match them with the pictures above. Then fill in the table below with words from the paragraphs. Finally, cover the paragraphs and describe each person.

1 Mary's short and in her early twenties. She's got an oval face, long black curly hair and a small nose. Her eyes are brown.

2 Paul's tall and in his early thirties. He's got a long face and long black hair. His nose is quite large and he's got a small mouth.

3 Sally's short and plump. She's in her late sixties. She's got a square face, shoulder-length wavy grey hair and a wide mouth. Her eyes are green.


4 Mike's tall, well-built and middle-aged with a square face. His mouth is wide, and his nose is rather big. He has large dark brown eyes and short grey hair.



22 Anna and Jerry met for an evening. Listen to what they said after the meeting. Write four adjectives for each. Do they want to meet again?


Anna is …


Jerry is …


23 a Work in pairs and look at the words in the box. Which are adjectives and which are nouns?


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