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B Group any nouns and adjectives which often go together.

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Example: attractive face

c Which adjectives can you use to talk about the following: height, age, looks, build, character?

look or look like? He looks French. She looks like an actress.   Complete with an adjective or noun. To describe a person use: look + 1 look like + 1

24 a Every month people send their photos and personal information to Marie Claire magazine to meet new people. Jerry and Anna wrote to them. Look at their photos. Describe them using: He’s got … / He looks … / He looks like …

Would you like to meet these people?
Name Jerry Dowles Anna Malik
· Age 1 1
· Height 1 m 85 1 m 71
· Job 1 1
· Home 1 1
· Smoker 1 1
· Favourite actress 1 1
· Favourite actor 1 1
· Ideal weekend activities 1 1 1 1
· Star sign 1 1
· Personality 1 1

b Look at the chart above. What questions do you have to ask to find out the information?

Example: Age: How old is Jerry?

(be) like / look like Use What does he/she look like? to ask about appearance.   Use What’s he/she like? to ask about personality and appearance.

Student A: a) read text one (the description of Jerry).

Student B: a) read text two (Anna’s description).

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