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Imagine you are strangers at a party.

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  1. Discuss the difference between past (20 years period) and today headlines. Imagine what headlines will appear in the Media in future (in 20 years).
  2. Exercise 2. Imagine that you work as an accountant in a big enterprise. Answer the following questions.
  3. Imagine you are in a busy hotel at midday. Make sentences using present continuous passive to say what is being done, using words from the two boxes.
  • Find a partner. Talk to him/her for three minutes. Try ideas from the article “The Secret of Successful Small Talk” from your Workbook.
  • Move on and talk to another partner.
  • Did you manage to apply some of the rules?


Complete the task within 3-4 minutes.


Work in pairs. Look at the spidergram below. Think of different forms of communication to complete the spidergram. Then discuss your results in the group. You have 3 minutes for this task (1 minute to complete the spidergram and 2 minutes to discuss).

Work in small groups. Discuss these questions with regard to you culture. Complete the task within 3-4 minutes.

1 Who should start conversations?

2 Is it acceptable to talk to strangers?

3 What things should or shouldn’t you talk about?

4 Is it acceptable to maintain eye contact with someone you’re talking to?

5 Is it polite to disagree with someone publicly?


Work in pairs. Student A should talk about picture 1 to student B, then student B should talk about picture 2 to student A. Each of you have a minute and a half to complete you task (so together you should talk about 3 minutes).

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