Ex. 1.Read the dialogues and answer the questions.

  1. A) check your answers for the listening activity 2,
  2. Answer the following questions with one word or phrase.
  3. B In group, discuss these questions.
  4. B Write the correct details about Raphael Gordon and his family. Compare your answers with a partner.
  5. Complete the dialogues using the Present Continuous forms of the verbs in brackets.
  6. Complete the gaps 1-6 with missing parts A-G. One part is extra. Fill the table with answers.
  7. Dialogues
  8. Discuss in class the following questions.
  9. Ex 3. Answer the following questions negatively.


A: Amy: Look, Nick! Theres a dodo!
  Nick: A dodo? Whats that?
  Amy: What was a dodo, you mean? They were large birds from Mauritius. They were alive 350 ago.
  Nick: Why, are they extinct?
  Amy: Well, they were good to eat, and they were easy to catch.
  Nick: Easy to catch? Why was that?
  Amy: Their wings were very small, so they couldnt fly. They couldnt run fast, either, because they had short legs.
  Nick: Oh, dear! No wonder, they are extinct.
B: Mr. Jones: This way, children.
  Brian: Whats that, Mr. Jones? An elephant?
  Mr. Jones: No thats a woolly mammoth.
  Brian: Awhat?
  Mr. Jones: A woolly mammoth. It had a trunk like an elephant. It had big tusks, too, so it could dig for grass under the snow.
  Brian: But its got hair
  Mr. Jones: Thats right. Woolly mammoths had long brown hair, because it was very cold when they were alive.
  Brian: When were they alive?
  Mr. Jones: About 10,000 years ago.
  Brian: Wow!
C: Sally: Look, Miss! A diplodocus!
  Miss Green: Thats right, Sally.
  Jamie: Wow! Its huge! And what a long tail!
  Sally: It had a really long neck, too.
  Jamie: Could it run fast, Miss?
  Miss Green: No, it couldnt. Its body was too heavy.
  Jamie: Are there any dinosaurs alive today?
  Miss Green: No, Jamie, they are extinct. They were alive about 150 million years ago.
  Jamie: But there were some dinosaurs on TV last week! Im sure they were alive!
  Sally: Oh, Jamie! Those were just models!


1. What was a dodo?



2. Why were dodos easy to catch?



3. Why did woolly mammoths have long hair?



4. Can you see a diplodocus today?





Ex.2. Read the dialogues again and make notes under the following headings,

write as in the example.



Name when alive features could / couldnt
A: dodo 350 years ago small wings short legs couldnt fly / run fast


A: The dodo was alive 350 years ago.

It had small wings, and its legs were short. It couldnt fly or run fast.

B: _________________________________


C: _________________________________



Text 2



Ex. 1. Read and translate the seven jumbled paragraphs about Kimora Lee Perkins.


A: She owes her remarkable looks to a Korean mother and a black father. But when she was young, back home at St. Luis, Missouri, she cried when she looked in the mirror and saw how tall she was. I felt I was different from all the other kids my age, she explains. Her mother Joanne Perkins, 34, recalls, Kimora was a tormented child. It was almost impossible for her to relate to other girls of her age, and there was a lot of teasing. Growing up was avery painful experience for her.
B: She is not only the youngest top model; she is also one of the richest. Mom looks after that, Kimora explains, I dont even have a credit card Im too young! What advice does she have for others? You should go to a good modelling school, and you have to be prepared to work really hard and give your whole life to modelling.
C: When she was 11, her mother took her to a local modelling school. She thought modelling would be an interesting job because then she would be with other tall girls. She began to like it very much, and had to learn how to walk and pose to show off the clothes to their best advantage.
D: People think its a very easy job that anyone could do, but you need a lot of stamina, Kimora says. Once, in London, we had, to take photos in the street all through the night, and then I had to go to my tutor for school lessons at 9.00 a.m. before taking the daytime photos at 1.00 p.m.
E: Shes 14, American, and speaks no French at all. But six-foot-tall Kimora Lee Perkins is hot news in Paris. She has become the top model at the Parisian fashion house of Chanel.
F: What advice does she have for others? You should go to a good modelling school, and you have to be prepared to work really hard and give your whole life to modelling.
G: Chanel chose her because she has the look of the 90s, and now she spends eight to ten hours a day modelling their latest fashions in various parts of the world. I have to try really hard to keep looking good for the cameras, she said.

Ex.2. Read the seven jumbled paragraphs again,put them in the right order and

organize the seven paragraphs as follows:


1 an interesting introduction

2 some background

3 training

4 details about the work

5 one particular job

6 what he has done with his money

7 advice to others


1 ____ 2 _____ 3 _____ 4 _____ 5 _____ 6 _____ 7 _____

Text 3

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