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After You Read

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  2. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
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  6. Aftermath: reception and scholarship.
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16. These words are all found in the article:

Combat // attacks // impact // participate // anonymous // confidential // hostile // launch

Complete these sentences using the words above. Each word is only used once.

He told her that the news about the new system was still ___________. She was not allowed to talk to reporters. Everyone in the group is expected to ___________ in the workshops.

He will ___________ a new computer company tomorrow. To ____________ cyber crime he suggested the company tried the InfraGuard program. He gave away half of the money he had made from designing the new computer program to the university but he remained ________________ because he never told the university who he was. _____________on computer systems can harm information stored in computers or even destroy it. When the manager came to the factory, he was greeted by ______________workers because they hated him for his rude behaviour. Computers have had a huge _________upon the worldwide economy.

17. Decide which statements are TRUE and which are FALSE:

1.The FBI has developed the computer program InfraGard.

2.It is thought that computer thieves take approximately $1.6 trillion dollars out of the world economy every year.

3.The number of cyber crime cases has doubled since 1998.

4.Companies have to pay the FBI to use InfraGard.

5.Janet Reno believes that high-tech companies and the FBI have to work together to help stop Internet crime.

6.If they use InfraGard companies have to share all their information with the public.

7.The program helps companies communicate with each other about Internet crime like computer viruses or computer hacking.

8.InfraGard did not begin as a trial project. Instead, it was used in all the FBI offices immediately.

9.InfraGard is a program that helps communication between companies by offering coded e-mail and a Web site that is meant to be secure from hackers and computer criminals

10.Last fall companies found out about unfriendly computer programs called 'zombies' because of the InfraGard system.

11.Several zombies stopped people receiving information service from Yahoo! by swamping it with huge amounts of data.




18. Find and correct the grammatical mistakes in these sentences. Do not look at the article until you have completed this activity.

1. "That is the key to all of this, that companies can shared only as much information as they want," Vatis said. Participation in the program is free, Vatis said, but companies must undergo a criminal background check before they is admitted.

2. The FBI is currently investigated 1,200 cyber crime case, up from 450 in early 1998, said Michael Vatis, head of the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center.

3. Vatis said the InfraGard system was use last fall to alerting companies to the existence of "zombies," or hostile computer programs, on their servers.

4. Participated companies can remains anonymous if they desires, and is not required to sharing confidential information.




19. Work as a class to discuss these questions:

Hacking could be described as a form of electronic trespassing. Can you think of any situations where it would be acceptable to hack into another computer? What sorts of crimes are committed using computers?

Write a list of rules for protecting the information on your computer safe.

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