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Gerard's POV. I was currently getting ready for my date with The Skeleton

I was currently getting ready for my date with The Skeleton. In a few hours, I would know his identity and he would know mine. Fuck, I couldn't wait. I was so excited to see his eyes. I didn't even know their color or shape. They were hidden underneath his mask. I couldn't wait to admire the tattoos he said he had. I wanted to hold him tight and look him straight into his eyes and tell him that I loved him. Oh and just to add to my anxiety, I might be losing my main virginity to him. Sure, my ass had been fucked many times. But I had never been inside someone. My ex-boyfriend wouldn't allow it. I was always the submissive one in that relationship, so I was pretty fucking nervous.

As 7 o'clock approached, I grew even more anxious. Mikey could tell I was nervous because he'd caught me pacing around, looking at the clock.

"If I were you, I'd pull his mask off as soon as you see him... get it over with," he suggested.

I rolled my eyes at him and told him to go to his room. It was 5 to 7 and I couldn't stay calm. I had to try and relax, for The Skeleton's sake. at 6:59, someone buzzed. The Skeleton's voice came through the intercom when I asked who it was.

"Hey Ninja boy, sorry I'm early," he spoke.

"It's ok. I'll be right down," I informed him.

I went down and greeted him with a mind-blowing kiss. He gripped my waist tight and pulled away from me. I could tell by his tight grip that he was nervous.

"Don't be nervous," I hypocritically said to him. It was making me even more nervous than I already was.

"I can't help it," he replied.

He took me to some family diner and surprise surprise, we got free food. Kids were coming up to us and hugging us, other people were homophobic and didn't know how to act towards us, considering we're gay but we still save people's lives. The food was nice, and they kept giving us stuff to eat on the house, but we were too nervous to eat heaps. We tried our best to politely eat everything on our plates.

Then we went to the movies. Everyone thought it was odd that we were going to the movies in our costumes, but we ignored their glares. I bought The Skeleton and I some candy to share before we went to our seats.

"I feel like holding onto you," The Skeleton told me once we were in our seats.

"I'm not gonna stop you," I informed him.

He leaned over and rested his head on my shoulder as I put my arm around him. He held onto my torso and at one stage during the adverts at the start of the movie, he put his hand over my chest.

"I can feel your heart beating," he said, making me smile. I moved my hand so that I could feel his heart. It was racing.

"I can feel yours too. It's beating really fast," I pointed out.

"I know. I'm just nervous. It'll be ok. It's just, all this suspense is killing me," he spoke. I chuckled nervously.

"Me too. We'll be ok. We both love each other," I told him.

"Yeah. You're right. I can't wait to see your face when I touch your cock," he said, grinning.

"Well really, it's not that exciting. But I'd suppose I see my face in the mirror every day, even if my appearance sometimes suggests that I don't look at myself," I informed him.

"Why? Do you look like a hobo?" he asked me. I chuckled.

"I dunno. I guess a little. I like to keep a low profile," I said.

"Well the girls I work with told me that guys look sexy with the hobo look," he informed me.

"Oh yeah?" I replied.

"Mhmm. Besides, a hobo with abs is quite hot," he spoke.

"No one at my work knows I have abs. I wear baggy clothes to work," I pointed out.

"Really? Wow, you really don't like drawing attention to yourself cause those abs are what gets me hard in all of those embarrassing dreams I have," I said, making me chuckle.

"Hey, don't laugh," he replied, getting slightly defensive. "I bet you've had one or two embarrassing dreams."

"More than one or two," I informed him while smirking, making him grin.

We watched the movie and then it was time to go back to his place. My heart was racing, my forehead was sweaty, but nevertheless, I was gonna make love to the mystery man of my dreams.

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