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Text Messaging

Gerard's POV

I arrived at work the following morning, only to receive a text message from Frank at exactly 9am. That meant it would've been 6am in LA. Why would he want to be up at that ungodly hour?

Just wondering, did you whack off this morning in the shower?

I read the message as my eyebrows furrowed. Why did he want to know that? I hit the reply button and texted a message of my own.

No. I'm saving it for lunch today when I make your video. Why?

Not long after I'd hit the send button and Erica had come in to hug me hello did Frank reply.

Because, I'm about to go whack off in the shower.

I didn't exactly know what to reply to that. Did he want me to talk dirty to him? I was confused.


That was all I replied with. I wasn't in any sort of mood to have text sex. I was nervous about filming myself going at it in Frank's office today. Frank didn't reply to what I'd written. I didn't hear from him for another 3 hours, when I was eating my lunch.

Have you ever been fisted or fisted yourself?

I raised my eyebrows at his text message and quickly replied.

No. Have you?

It didn't take long for his reply.

Yes. I fist myself all the time.

Suddenly, I became curious. What else had he done?

You done anything else adventurous?

I finished my sandwich as I awaited his reply.

What would you like to know about?

I smirked at his response. Obviously he'd done a lot of things.

What else has been inside of you?

I didn't get another reply for twenty minutes.

Sorry for the delay. I had to watch some woman tattoo some guy's ass. But in answer to your question, a lot of things have been 'inside' of me. I've used fruit, stationary, tools and beer bottles. Whatever I could get.

I looked at my cellphone in disbelief. My man was kinky. I once more hit the reply button.

You ever tried BDSM?

His reply was once again quick.

No. But I would like to. Do you think I've been naughty enough?

I smirked at his reply. Oh man, I totally wanted to do that with him.

I think you have been. I might just have to kidnap you one day, strap you down to the desk in your office and teach you a lesson.

A delay once again happened, and by the time he'd replied, I'd already made him my video and work had finished. I was walking home.

I fucking can't wait. I would've replied sooner but I am getting paid to be here to learn shit, so I actually have to learn something.

I smiled and had an idea.

It's no trouble. Enjoy what I'm about to send you.

I then sent him the video. I hoped he enjoyed it and I hoped he sent his video back soon. But for now, it was time to go home and get ready to go to Bob's pool house to set up the surveillance equipment.

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