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James Bond retelling

When James Bond got back to his hotel room it was midnight. His windows were closed and the air-conditioning was on. Bond switched it off and opened the windows, then had a shower and went to bed. At 3:30 he was dreaming, when suddenly he woke up. He listened. There was a noise coming from the window. Someone was moving behind the curtains. James Bond took his gun from under his pillow, got quietly out of bed, and crept slowly along the wall towards the window. Someone was breathing behind the curtains. Bond pulled them back with one quick movement and saw a blond He asked her what the hell she was doing there.

Bond put down his gun and tried to pull her through the open window. Bond quickly led her across the room to the bathroom. He turned on the light and the shower. They sat down on the side of the bath.

Mary said that some message had come and a top KGB man was staying at that hotel.

Bond said he knew it and that he had to get her out of there. Bond turned off the shower and opened the bathroom door. A voice came from the darkness of the bedroom. It was Scaramanga. He asked them to put their hands behind their necks and turned on the lights. His golden gun was pointing directly at James Bond.


I've been waiting for an hour

And she's not here yet

Maybe she's stood me up

It's been raining all the time and my hair is wet

Now I feel fed up


I've been seeing her for over two weeks now

I thought she was mine, all mine

We've been going out dancing

almost every night

I thought everything was fine


Little Red Riding Hood once upon a time однажды guilty виновный innocent невиновный disappear исчезать under suspicionпод подозр-м breathe in/out вдохнуть/вы- with relief с облегчением description описание curse ругать/проклинать urgently безотлагательно make a speech произ-ть речь imaginary crowds воображаемые толпы to be of average build /height быть среднего роста/телос-я kinda что-то типа once in a while изредка rare[rƐƏ] редкий necklace ['nekləs]ожерелье brand-newсоверш.новый Who cares?кому какое дело?singleхолостой jokerшутник yellорать relief [ri’li:f] облегчение honestyчестность achievementдостижение achieveдостигать view вид; пейзаж permission разрешение bra бюстгальтер fair справедливый to be close to someone быть близким к кому-то create создавать absent-minded рассеянный commit совершать ambitiousамбициозный several crimesнесколько преступлений What the hell?Какого черта? advertisement реклама advertise рекламировать strong desire сильное жел-е well-paid job хор-опл. раб. pay smbs billsоплачивать чьи-либо счета improve smth улучшать standard of living уровень жизни grouchy ворчливый moody угрюмый memory lossпотеря памятиsuccessful успешный anywayпо-любомуembarrassсмущать to feel boredскучать curtains шторы pillow подушка look backоглядываться powerвласть wealthбогатство maid домработница miss smb скучать по к-либо successfully успешно Every man for himself. Каждый сам за себя sliced loaf нарезанная буханка charge взимать плату go over прорабатывать write in вписывать fill заполнять stick приклеивать bits of paperкусочки бум. door-handleдвер. ручка chemist's аптека It's over thereЭто там! cough[kɔf] кашель opportunities to practise возможности практиковаться save a fortune сэкономить состояние at worst в худшем случае outgoing коммуникабельный It is up to you твое дело sensual чувственный towards по направлению кvoice голос join smthприсоединяться outgoing общительный request просьба fiancé жених fiancéeневеста blame smb for smth обвинять кого-либо в чем-либо fur[fƏ:] мех to ask smb outприглашать на свидание wherever you are in the world get access ['ækses] to the www доступ к интернету you are likely to need тебе скорее всего понадоб-ся to carry a small notebook look upсмотреть в словаре it might be useful могло бы быть полезным use them correctly использовать их правильно fill in the gapsзаполнять пропуски blackmail шантажировать cope with справляться admit признавать caring заботящийся similar qualitiesодинаковые качества on the Internetв Интернете look forward to doing smth ждать с нетерпением чего-то explore new things изучать новые вещи earringsсерьги whisper шептать point directlyуказывать прямо at leastпо крайней мере get in touch withсвязаться с cuteхорошенький, милыйannoyingраздражающийƏ annoy раздражать, надоедатьink stain пятно от чернил awardнаграда to be desperate for smth отчаянно хотеть seek smth искать documentaryдок фильм get on well withладить considerate внимательный к людям to be fed up with smth supportive тот, кто поддерживает particular особенный hang outпроводить время sincere [sɪn'sɪə] искрений greasy hair жирные в-ы plastic bag пакет hand luggageручн.кладь appreciate ценить break up withпорвать отношения you owe[əu]meты должен мне That’s (un)fair это (не)честно to fire smbуволить weird[wɪəd]странный to grabсхватить darkness темнота to be in a good mood быть в хорошем настр-ии available доступный; имеющийся в распоряженииadventurousлюбящий приключения

1) Past SimpleWe use PS when we talk about completed action in the past in general

# I met with my friends yesterday. He moved in 1932.

2) Used toWe use Used to when we talk about habits and long-lasting situations which now are different or finished. # I used to dance like a ballerina [ˌbælə'riːnə].

3) Present Perfect1) Result (when the past is connected with the present) # I’ve broken my finger. – I can’t write

2) News (when we announce a happening or news ) # He has bought a car!

3) With markers already, just, yet, never, ever, always, all my life (for a long time),

so far, recently/lately# I haven’t been asked so far.

4) With uncompleted markers. In my life, today…# I have done many useful things today.

NB1 When we give many details we use Past Simple. (3 and more) # Today I met Tom, phoned Jim, lost my memory

NB2 When , What time - NO Present Perfect. #What time did you wake up today?

NB3When we ask additional questions we use Past Simple. # I’ve burnt myself! - How did you do it?

Present Perfect Continuous1) We use PPC when we talk about the action which began in the Past and has just stopped. 2) We use PPC w w t a t a which began in the past and is still happening now. for, since, How long?

# I’ve been studying English for 2 years. NBWe don’tuse some verbs in PPC (like, see, to be, know.)

5) Past ContinuousWe use PC to say that someone was in the middle of doing something at the certain time and we don’t know if the action was finished or not. # He was cooking yesterday when she came.

6) Past PerfectWe use PP when we talk about the past and want to talk about an earlier past for a moment.

# When she came he had already eaten.

7) Past Perfect ContinuousWe use PPC when we talk about duration before smth in the past # She was really tired because she had been jogging for a long time.


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w y a i t world Wherever you are in the world you can always get access['ækses]to the Internet or find a text that you are interested innot only becauseit will provide you withwords and structures you are likely to need but also with motivation to actively study. When you read a text you should look out for words and phrases that you can use in your own English later. It’s a good idea to carry a smallnotebook so that you can write down any examples that might be useful. The first time you read a text it's usuallybest not to stop when you see some unknown word. You have to understand the general meaning of the text. When you have finished reading you should go over the bits you are not sure about. If the problem is an unknown word, look it up in a dictionary. However you must promise yourself that you will open and use this notebook at least once a week because the real key to learning English is to practise, practise, practise!
get a t t I
a text t y a i i
not only because it w p y with
you a l to need, but also
m to a study
When you read a text, you s l o for w and p that you can use in y o E later
It’s a good idea to с a s notebook so that …
you can write down any e that m b u
The first time you read a text it’s usually b n t s
When you h f, you should go o t b you are not s a
If the problem is an u w, l it u in a dictionary
the r k to l E is to p,p,p!


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