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May both seller and buyer see the benefit


Your vocabulary


- a place where goods and services are bought and sold.

Black market

- the system by which people illegally buy and sell goods, or foreign currency.

Buyer’s market

when there are more goods for sale than there are people wanting to buy them.

Seller’s market

-a market characterized by excess demand in which buyers consequently experience difficulty in buying.


-able or fit to be sold.


- the part of business which is concerned with the way in which a product is sold.


Ex.1. Translate the sentences given below. Pay attention to the words in italics.

1. Chesterham is a small market town with a population of 2000.

2. Access to new foreign markets was assured.

3. This device was first marketed by a Japanese firm.

4. They have never had to operate in a market economy.

5.It’s a seller’s market at the moment.

6. A talking watch will shortly be on the market.

7. Many labour-saving devices have come onto the market.

8.You’ll never get a picture as good as this one on the open market.

9. Exxon might well be in the market to buy up a competitor too.

10. They took the mineral water off the market while tests were being made.


Ex.2. Marketing can be defined as an art of buying and selling. Let’s have a look at the following group of words. Do you know each of them? Into what two groups can they be subdivided?


Purchase, sell, splash out on, buy up, pick up, sell off, buy in bulk, flog, snap up, stock up, be a sell out, buy in, buy wholesale, sell up, be selling like hot cakes, outsell, bestseller.

And now use them in the sentences below.

1.It’s best to … when house prices are high.

2. The bakery usually … its cakes … at half price just before closing time.

3.Why don’t we … … and move to Canada? Property is really cheap there.

4. Don’t let him try and … you his car – he’s had endless trouble with it.

5. By the end of the 1980s portable computer systems were …larger systems by 30%.

6. The new book, which reveals intimate details about Princess Diana’s private life is … … … … in New York.

7. Jane Fonda’s new diet book is sure to be a … in America.

8.Madonna’s European tour … a total … … .

9.Foreign investors are not permitted to … land.

10. If I were you, I’d … … that dress before someone sees it.

11. That picture? Oh, I … it … on the market last week.

12. We … … … a bottle of champagne to celebrate her promotion.

13. The supermarkets are full of people … … for the New Year’s holiday.

14.We always … … … . It is so much more economical.

15.Mark … the earrings … and then … them in the market.

16. People had to … … candles during the electricity strike.

17.In the last five years development agencies have … … almost all the land in the area.


Ex. 3. This exercise is a kind of an addition to the previous one. What is common in them?

Match the words given below with their definitions.


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