SPEAK AND WRITE. 1.When choosing candidates for any particular job, the Americans say,: What can this person do?; the French say

  1. Ex.17. Speak on the types of periodontal diseases.
  2. III. Look through the text and write out the key historical terms.
  3. My Favourite Writer (Poet)
  4. Read and translate the following text. Write down unknown words.
  5. Read and translate the following text. Write down unknown words.
  7. Speaking Exercises
  8. Study the following and write a composition (about 300 words).
  9. They write in the newspapers he was invited to

1.When choosing candidates for any particular job, the Americans say,: What can this person do?; the French say, : What qualification has she/he got?; the British say, What kind of background has this person got? Which question would you ask when you are to choose an applicant? Why?

2.Suppose you have been appointed Dean of your department. Design a curriculum that would prepare students for their role in management. Specify your objectives and the means to be used.

3.A study in one of the largest American corporations indicates that the two criteria quality of college attended and a rank in class were the best predictors of future managerial success in that firm. If you were a recruiter for a large company, would you utilize these criteria? Why or why not?

4.What is, from your point of view, the general relation between age and job satisfaction?

5.How many different ways of finding a job can think of? Which one is the most reliable?

6.A recruiter of a big company said that they didnt what anybody who enjoyed exercising power. Can you explain why?

7.What kind of a company would you like to work for: state-owned, private limited company, multinational corporation, etc. Why? Give your reasons.

8.What is the most group-oriented phase of life? Discuss why.

9. What are the qualities of an effective team player? What qualities could you contribute to a team?

10. Some people compare a small company to a family. In your view, is this analogy valid and useful? What are the benefits and risks of viewing a company as a family?

11. Examine the relationship between your needs and the rewards and satisfactions of any job you have held.

12. Interview four people on why they work and which of their needs are satisfied or frustrated. Summarize and comment on their responses.

13. Poorly considered solution will be costly in dollars, happiness, or both Your comments and examples.

14. What can be the reasons for business failure? Ground your point of view.

15. Comment on the following: Excellence costs, but in the long run mediocrity costs far more.

16. The human being is a continual problem-solver, decision-maker, and innovator. Analyze your previous week (day, month, year) and describe the situations when you had to be a decision-maker, a problem-solver and an innovator.

17. Mothers and fathers often have different ways of managing their families. How would you describe the management style of your parents? Teachers?

18. Which management styles have you experienced? Which do you prefer?

19. Make the list of the best qualities of a manager and rank them in order of importance. Then make the five worst.

20. Shadow business doesnt yield sunny life. Do you share this point of view?

21. Summarize the information of the Unit to be ready to speak on Management. The first step to be done is to write the plan of your future report.

22. Choose any question (problem, topic) relating to Management and make 10-12 minute report in class. Refer to different additional sources to make your report instructive, interesting and informative.


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