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1.“Marketing concept is a consumer-oriented, integral, profit-oriented philosophy of business”. Explain, in your own words, this statement and its implications.

2.“Marketing managers can either view social change as a threat and be hurt, or they can view it as an opportunity and benefit.” Which part of the statement do you support? Why?

3.What is the role of cultural factors in domestic marketing? Give your examples.

4.Explain, in your own words, what each element of the four Ps involves.

5.Will the elimination of trade barriers between countries in Europe eliminate the need to consider submarkets of European consumers? Why and why not?

6.Four Ps, three Cs, four Is. What do they stand for?

7.What do you remember about the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? (refer to the Unit Management ). Explain once again what is meant by the hierarchy of needs and provide some examples of any product or service that satisfy each of the levels of the hierarchy.

8.What options of entering into the international market do you know? What are advantages and disadvantages of each of them?

9. “In a free competitive economy, the consumer is king.” What does it mean?

10. Compare your need structure with your perception of each of your parent’s.

11.“The producer, not the consumer is king. After all, the producer is the one who advertises. Therefore, the producer is the one who creates wants and thereby influences what consumers will purchase.” True or false? Explain.

12. Comment on the following: “The last stage of fitting the product to the market is fitting the market to the product”.

13. Think of a company that you buy products from regularly. What does it do to keep you as a customer?

14.Summarize the information of the Unit to be ready to speak on Marketing. The first step to be done is to write the plan of your future report.

15.Choose any question (problem, topic) relating to Marketing and make a 10 minute report in class. Refer to different additional sources to make your report interesting, instructive and informative.





The success of any business depends upon its ability to attract customers willing and able to make monetary exchanges for products and services. To do this, a business must find, understand, and communicate with potential customers where they live, work, and play.


Your vocabulary



-communication intended both to inform and persuade.


- an informal word meaning an advertisement


-the same as ad

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