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УПРАЖНЕНИЯ. I. А. Переведите следующие предложения, обращая внимание на различные значения глагола to have.

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I. А. Переведите следующие предложения, обращая внимание на различные значения глагола to have.

1. I have no pencil. 2. You have no other way out. 3. His face had that small subtle smile that was characteristic of him. There were two saucers only. And all the rest to match: seven large brown teapots, of which five had broken spouts. I won't have you all starve, simply because I've thrown myself at your head. 6. He came to her swiftly, and in a moment had her in his arms. 7. Oh, to have this happen when he was right at the point of a declaration. 8. Jack whipped his coat off and went to the shed for wood and coal, and soon had a lavish fire in the open hearth. 9. Have some more cake! 10. I won't have you do this sort of thing. 11. I cannot have my clients disturbed in the middle of the night. 12. They had a gin and a tonic, Ashe doing most of the talking. 13. I'd be more likely to remember that I'm working for doctor Page if I had my month's salary. 14. "Her name," the woman went on, "is Anita. I was sick when I had her," she explained as if to excuse her child's delicacy. 15. Many households have two, or even three, newspapers every day. 16. Women's clothes today have plenty of colour. 17. Isabel, when she awoke, sometimes told Antoinette to take her coffee into her mother's room so that she could talk to her while she had it. 18. "I've had a letter from Sarah," he said. 19. I wrote her as though I were still that boy, told her of the gun I'd got for Christmas, how the dog had had pups and what we'd named them. 20. He had me around the waist. 21. Then the dance began. The second-class passengers stood about shyly round the part of the deck reserved for dancing and occasionally danced with one another. "I'm glad we had them," said the consul dancing with Mrs Hamlyn. "I'm for democracy, and I think they're very sensible to keep themselves to themsel ves." 22. I can work, can't I? I can get a job at Payne and Perkins. They'll be glad to have me. 23. The cad had had his warning. Now let him take what was coming to him. 24. I had him here just now asking for details. 25. "What will you have?" "Oh, I don't want anything. I had a cocktail and a tremendous lunch." 26. "Where is he — your son?" "Up in his father's studio, I think." "Perhaps you'd have him down." 27. I had your father here yesterday afternoon, who made further valuable suggestions. 28. Soames knows the house well — he'll tell you it's too dear — his opinion's

worth having. 29. What if his master were asleep; he would soon have him out of that; there was the night to sleep in! 30. He suddenly had her by the shoulders.

Б. Переведите на английский язык.

1. В доме было три небольших спальни. 2. Автобусы в Лондоне очень большие. В них места (для пассажиров) находятся как наверху, так и внизу. 3. «У нас в Англии часто идут дожди», — сказал Джон. 4. Я был очень рад получить от тебя письмо. 5. Он сообщил Розе, что в городке живет около 2500 человек. 6. Он был не очень голоден, поэтому съел только два яйца. 7. Выпейте еще кофе! 8. В одном из этих ящиков книги. 9. Я заставлю его дочитать сценарий до конца. 10. Я не допущу, чтобы ты упала в обморок на улице. 11. В лагере обычно бывает собственный плавательный бассейн и теннисная площадка. 12. У Джейн, наконец, родился сын. 13. Они с дочерью были в галерее, а потом в кондитерской (at the confectioner's), где мы пили чай. 14. На верхней (top) полке были те же книги, что и в библиотеке его отца. 15. Думаю, что поеду за границу, если какое-нибудь судно возьмет меня корабельным хирургом (ship's surgeon). 16. Она решила вызвать врача к (for) мужу.

II. Преобразуйте следующие предложения в соответствии с моделью.

There was a big verand ah in the house. The house had a big verandah.

1. There was a sign over the front shop door. 2. There was a menace in his voice. 3. There was a challenge in her smile. 4. There was a ruler in his right hand. 5. There is plenty of sunshine in these plains all year round. 6. There is water in the glass. 7. Now there is a radio set in every house in the village.

III. Переведите следующие предложения. Придумайте предложения с выделенными словосочетаниями.

1. But now they felt it time to have things out with her. 2. Because of the radio Catherine and I had words one afternoon. 3. You've had a lucky escape. 4. Ned Preston certainly had a way with him. Perhaps Mrs Carter was impressed because he was a gentleman. 5. He had an eye for everything and he wouldn't put up with any nonsense. 6. She was not only having a good time herself, but she was trying to give

all of them a good time. 7. She must have had a bad fright. 8. I'd had a bad shock. 9. If I do the thing, I will do it thoroughly but I must have a free hand.

IV. Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык. Укажите, в значении каких глаголов действия употреблены здесь сочетания с to have.

1. But he had a feeling that a suggestion floated in the air that a clever writer could do his country a good turn. 2. He had an uneasy suspicion, that they read too much of his thoughts. 3. "You can have every confidence in me," said Ashen-den. 4. Perhaps she had asked him only because she had had a sudden yearning, she the exile of so many years, to die with someone of her own people. 5. He knew that R. had a great belief in waiters; they had the chance of seeing so much and could so easily get into places where information was lying about to be picked up. 6. She had a knowledge of modern painting and modern music that not a little impressed Ashenden.

7. I had a feeling that at last she had made up her mind.

8. After twenty years of a French wife Soames had still little sympathy with her language.

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