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My friend is a secretary

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I have a girl-friend. Her name is Ann. She is 25 years old. Ann is young, intelligent and good-looking. She works as a secretary at a large company. She works for GLC Electronics Incorporated. She is as busy as a bee because she has a lot of work to do at the office. To put it in another way she is head over ears in work. One may think she is complaining of her work. Nothing of the kind. She likes her job and does her best to perform her duties honestly.

In the morning she gets up early. She does her morning exercises, goes to the bathroom, takes a shower, washes, get dressed. Then she has breakfast and leaves for work. She lives not far from her office and it takes her about 10 minutes to get there on foot. Her office hours begin at 9 but she always comes earlier to get ready for work.

Ann works in the modern office of a large international company. Ann's office is not large but comfortable. The walls are light-blue and the carpet is blue too. The ceiling is white. There are two small rugs on the floor. They are red. Her room is warm. There are two radiators and electric fire in her room. Every morning Ann airs the room to breathe fresh air. Ann's room is next door to the manager's (room).

She has the usual office equipment. Under the desk she has a bin for waste paper. In the drawers of the desk there are two packets of typing paper and a box of paper-clips, a bottle of duplicating ink and some envelopes. There is also a photocopier, a fax-machine, a telephone, a PC (personal computer), a printer, a scanner a coffee-machine in her office. On the shelves she has many folders with papers.

Ann has got much work to do every day. In the morning she brings the manager many letters and cables. The manager reads the mail and writes the answers to different companies. Ann sends the letters to foreign firms. Ann is very busy till the end of her working day. She answers a lot of telephone calls, makes appointments for the manager and arrangements for his business trips. Many customers call to the office as they are interested in the goods the company sells. When the manager is out they leave a message for him with the secretary. As a rule, Ann accompanies her manager in his business trips.

Apart from her office duties she has to perform other kinds of activities. According to her job schedule from 2 till 4 o’clock she receives clients. They apply to her with various questions which need immediate attention and a rapid solution. Among them there are issues relating to production, promotion, sales and commerce, personnel, education and training, marketing, technology, finance and other. She always manages to solve all the questions successfully, those, of course, which are in her competence.

Ann finishes her work at 6 in the evening but sometimes she stays in the office later. Her husband and two children, a son and a daughter, wait for her at home and Ann is glad to meet them after work.

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