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My company

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I am Alexander Smith. I work as a Sales Manager in Newtech Company. It was established some years ago. It is a Russian company. We specialize in producing process equipment for food industry. Our up-to-date equipment reflects the latest achievements in technology and is in strong demand. Every year our firm receives a lot of enquires for our goods from different countries of the world.

Newtech does business with a lot of countries. Our company sells equipment abroad and exports a great deal to European Union countries. Many foreign businessmen come to our office every day which is on the 5th floor. It is a large room with three windows in it. There is always a lot of sunshine in our room. There are a few desks in our office with a telephone on every desk. We don’t receive our customers in this room. There is another room for it.

Our engineers discuss prices, terms of payment and delivery and a lot of other questions with them. All our engineers know one or two foreign languages and they can have talks with foreign businessmen in different languages. The director of our company is very pleased with the work of his engineers.

Our company is large. Newtech consists of 8 departments: Production, Sales, Advertising, Accounting, Financing, Export, Personnel, Research and Development. The last one is newly arranged. 18 per cent of our budget goes to research and development.

Newtech is a corporation. Its management is a Meeting of Shareholders and a Board of Directors. Mr. Sokolov is a Managing Director of the company. His work is very important, as he is responsible for the overall running the company. The number of employees is about seven hundred people.

The head office is in Volgograd. It makes general policy decisions, and the local managers look after the daily business in branches in Samara and Saratov. They are independent. Three factories of the company are also located in Volgograd, Samara and Saratov. Mr. Sokolov has to inspect them once a year.

Production of our company is well-made and known in the world. It corresponds to the highest technical level and standards existing in the world. Currently, we are the tenth largest Russian equipment manufacturer with an annual turnover of 100 million roubles. Last year we started an export division and exports now account for 10 per cent of our turnover.

The company is doing well. Sales and profits are rising. The turnover is increasing rapidly and net profit grows every year, though the company has to spend a great deal on purchase of raw materials and equipment. Over the next five years we project a much greater increase in our export business. In order to achieve this growth we are looking for ways of exporting to East Europe and West Europe and planning a number of key acquisitions there.

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