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  1. Advertising is a natural outgrowth of the marketing plan.

The terms market and marketing can have several meanings depending on how they are used. The term stock market refers to the buying and selling of shares. Another type of market is grocery market, a place where people purchase food. When economists use the word market, they mean a set of forces or conditions that determine the price of a product, such as the supply available for sale and the demand for it by consumers. The term marketing in business includes all of these meanings.

In the past, the concept of marketing emphasized sales. The modern marketing concept is based on the principle that production can be economically justified only by consumption. In other words, goods should be produced only if they can be sold.

Marketing now involves first deciding what the customer wants and designing and producing a product that satisfies these wants at a profit to the company. Modern marketing is a coordinated system of many business activities, but basically it involves four things: selling the correct product at the proper place, selling it at a price determined by demand, satisfying customer's needs and wants and producing a profit for the company.

The principal marketing techniques include: a profound market research, market requirements elaboration addressed to the producer, a good knowledge of demand, tastes and wishes of consumers and production of goods that are in demand.

In recent years marketing has become a driving force in most companies. Marketing includes all the business activities connected with the movement of goods and services from producers to consumers. Sometimes it is called distribution. On the one hand, marketing is made up of such activities as transporting, storing and selling goods and, on the other hand, a series of decisions you make dur­ing the process of moving goods from producer to user. Market­ing operations include product planning, buying, storage, pric­ing, promotion, selling, credit, traffic and marketing research.

Underlying all marketing strategy is the marketing con­cept – «we must produce what people want, not what we want to produce». It’s necessary to find out what the customer wants and carry out market research. It can be done by offering the right Marketing Mix. Marketing can be divided into four main elements that are popularly known as the four P’s: product, price, place and promotion. «The Four P's – the right Product at the right Price; available through the right channels of distribution: Place; presented in the right way: Promotion. Each one plays a vital role in the success or failure of the marketing operation.

Nowadays all divisions of a company are urged to think marketing. It’s necessary to have a clear idea of: what the customers need, what the customers want, what causes them to buy. The ability to recognize early trends is very important. Producers must know why, where, for what purpose the consumers buy. Market research helps the producer to predict what people will want and through advertising he attempts to influence the customer to buy.

Marketing operations are very expensive. They take more than half of the consumer's dollar. The trend in the USA has been to high mass consumption. The construction of good shopping centers has made goods available to consumers. It has provided a wide range of merchandise and plenty of parking facilities.

Marketing in a foreign environment often means working around and within a set of constantly changing circumstanc­es. The environment elements include a country's economy, pol­itics, regulations and social make up. Whether you are developing your company's first international marketing plan or revising existing strategies, understanding the foreign environ­ment is crucial to international success.

A company that believes in marketing is forward thinking and doesn't rest on its best achievements: it must be aware of its strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats it faces.

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