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Fairs and exhibitions

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In the commercial world today fairs and exhibitions play an important role in the development of good friendly relations between all the countries. Every year a lot of international, national and specialized exhibitions and fairs are held in different countries of the world. The number of countries and companies who take part in them is growing from year to year and the scope of fairs and exhibitions is becoming larger.

International trade fairs and exhibitions today fall mainly into two groups: specialized, concentrating on products of a particular industry or group of industries, and general, covering many different fields. Lately business information exhibitions have gained recognition too.

The display during these exhibitions includes a wide range of exhibits which shows the latest achievements in different fields of industry, science and agriculture of many countries. They offer exporters an excellent opportunity to show what they have for sale, to make contacts and to learn about a market quickly and easily. They are also an ideal way of advertising and sales promotion.

At international and national exhibitions commercial centers are established where participants can negotiate the sale and the purchase of different goods. At many exhibitions there are stands and stalls selling all kinds of goods and exhibits to numerous visitors.

A fair or an exhibition is always an event which attracts serious businessmen, the general public alike and many potential buyers among them. So foreign trade associations of our country never lose a chance to exhibit their products at international fairs and exhibitions. Our country which stands for peace and friendly relations with all countries always takes part in fairs and exhibitions arranged both abroad and here in Russia.

They help to promote goods to new market and launch new products in the markets already developed. Every day halls are crowed with visitors, business talks are held, a great deal of profitable business is done, a lot of transactions are negotiated and concluded, contracts are signed, new orders are placed and new markets are established. This work goes on after the exhibitions as well: enquiries are sent out for the goods our national economy requires and offers are made for the products our new contacts are interested in.

Also, there are fairs and exhibitions organized on and off and devoted to scientific achievements in this or that field of national economy. Fairs and exhibitions are usually held under various mottoes: “People and Progress”, “Peace and Progress through Economic Cooperation” and so on.

International fairs and exhibitions pave the way for the consolidation of friendship among countries and nations. Indeed all participants along with showing the best they can offer, try to give visitors a good idea of the country's way of life and tourist attractions.

Our country is a regular participant of almost all international fairs and exhibitions and has been host to a growing number of them.

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